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5 WWE feuds that must happen in 2017

These five feuds will be what carries WWE through 2017.

Could 2017 be the year Dean Ambrose and John Cena finally go head-to-head?

With 2016 now in the books, the WWE Universe looks forward to another exciting year in 2017. John Cena vs. AJ Styles and Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte Flair were among the year's most memorable rivalries, but what can we expect as 2017 gets underway?

Of course, with the brand split back in effect, the number of fresh feuds that we could see transpire in the new year have practically doubled. Both shows produced their fair share of compelling programs in 2016, and thus 2017 should see more Superstars rise to prominence.

With today's roster having the potential to evolve into something amazing, I present to you five must-see feuds that we hope to see come to fruition in 2017.

#5 Triple H vs. Seth Rollins

Triple H’s Pedigree to Seth Rollins was the shot heard around the world.

It is virtually guaranteed that we will see Seth Rollins taking on Triple H at some point in 2017, preferably sooner rather than later. Needless to say, it's a bout best saved for WrestleMania 33 given the storied history they have had.

For weeks, Rollins has been calling out Triple H after The Game cost him the WWE Universal Championship back in late August. HHH has yet to resurface but their rivalry should heat up as WrestleMania 33 draws closer.

Although Rollins hasn't so far fulfilled his full potential as a babyface, he and Triple H should have a fantastic feud. A match between them has been in the works for some time, and it will be among the most anticipated matchups on the 'Mania card.

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