5 WWE legends who approved of Superstars using their finishers

The Fiend and Jack Swagger adopting famous moves
The Fiend and Jack Swagger adopting famous moves

One of the most interesting aspects of a Pro Wrestling character is the manner in which they wrap up their matches. Every Superstar has their own finishing move, which is dubbed as their most devastating weapon against the opponent, ideally to be used to finish the match.

Over the course of the past several decades, we have seen WWE Superstars using a string of finishing maneuvers, with some having attained legendary status, most notably Stone Cold Steve Austin's Stunner and The Undertaker's Tombstone Piledriver.

In some cases, WWE tries to experiment by giving an already established finisher to a young gun, in an attempt to put them over with the fans in a better manner. In the following list, we will take a look at five WWE legends who happily approved of a current Superstar using their finishing move.

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#5 Dominik Dijakovic uses the Tazmission


NXT Superstar Dominik Dijakovic recently posted a tweet addressing WWE legend Taz, asking him whether he could use the Tazmission to defeat his opponents. Although Dijakovic deleted the tweet soon, Taz responded with stating that he appreciates the fact that Dijakovic asked him first, but he would like to talk about it in a private setting.

The two then apparently had a private chat on Twitter and Taz went on to post an update on the situation. Taz said that he communicated with Dijakovic via chat and permitted him to use the Tazmission. Taz then praised the young Superstar, saying that he is a bright, talented guy and wishing him the best of luck.

Soon after, Dijakovic posted a gif of the move from an NXT live event, with the following caption: "Nobody will beat me. Nobody will survive. Feast Your Eyes on the Tazmission.”

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