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5 WWE moves that hurt like hell in real life


Top 5 / Top 10 28 Apr 2017, 02:51 IST
Nakamura has a devastating finisher

Despite what many trolls on the internet choose to believe, the pain involved in professional wrestling is incredibly real and if you still don’t have that line of thought, go and ask one of the many legends that had to retire due to their injuries. It’s a stressful business, with one of the main sources of that coming from the physical toll that it takes on your body.

Because of this, WWE has aired “don’t try this at home” videos for years and years now in order to try and encourage fans against hitting their siblings with steel chairs. Of course, the majority of people decided to ignore these pleas and executed several moves without a care in the world. Big, big mistake.

You see as it turns out, some of the manoeuvres that we see on a weekly basis just aren’t as family friendly as they come across to the haters of pro wrestling. So, to those of you who still don’t believe in the trials and tribulations that this industry possesses, we encourage you to watch videos across the web entitled “WWE Moves Gone Wrong”. Now we aren’t entirely certain that these clips exist, but still – you get the point.

So with all that being said, here are five WWE moves that hurt like hell in real life.

#1 Kinshasa

Shinsuke Bomaye!

Good god all mighty, is there any man on earth who could survive a Kinshasa and live to tell the tale? The logical answer is yes, but we’re confident that every single person who’s taken this has woke up the next morning with what feels like the worst hangover of all time. Oh, and if you don’t know what it is, it’s pretty much just a massive knee to the head.

As the King of Strong Style, it wouldn’t be as impactful if it didn’t deliver some actual force or pain to the opponent, which is why we’re surprised that WWE has trusted Nakamura when it comes to doing it. Then again, he’s a professional who has being doing this for well over a decade, so what do we know?

Rusev crush.

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