5 WWE storylines that were written for someone else (and why the plans were changed)

The Undertaker's legendary streak was broken in 2014
The Undertaker's legendary streak was broken in 2014
Ishaan Sharma

WWE often changes their plans at the last minute. No one knows exactly what’s going to happen next (not even Vince McMahon) because this is wrestling and several things could change at the last minute. 

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For instance, a wrestler might get injured before his big match and as a result, the wrestling promotion will have to change their plans and replace that Superstar with someone else. In other cases, this could also happen due to some backstage incidents.

Whatever the case may be, a change always hurts the fans in some way, but it could also benefit a wrestler (more on that later). Here are 5 WWE storylines that were meant for someone else. 

#5 Seth Rollins turning heel in 2014

Seth Rollins betrayed The Shield in 2014
Seth Rollins betrayed The Shield in 2014

When Seth Rollins turned heel in 2014, the fans were left in shock. We never thought that The Shield would disband so soon, although WWE did tease it, still, it was one of the most shocking decisions taken by them. 

Since this heel turn, Rollins has managed to become WWE Champion, US Champion, Intercontinental Champion and currently, he is the RAW Tag Team and Universal Champion. However, The Architect revealed in an interview that he wasn’t supposed to break up The Shield. In fact, the stable was originally supposed to split a few months back.

“I remember that was the plan, we were gonna break up and [Dean] Ambrose was gonna turn, and it was just gonna be, almost, thrown away. I remember we went to Hunter, or Vince, or somebody – we talked to somebody that makes decisions, and we were like, ‘We can’t do this, we’re not ready for this right now. It’s not the right time and we’ve got so much more to offer. It’s not the right time! We need to pull back on this a little bit.’”
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