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6 WWE Superstars and their BIGGEST fears!

These 6 seemingly indomitable Superstars have irrational fears. Some understandable, others totally ridiculous! Read on to find out more.

Top 5 / Top 10 09 Mar 2017, 01:42 IST
Hogan has no documented fears, except hidden cameras, of course

Let’s face it, we’re all scared of something.

Maybe the tough guy/gal inside you reading this is thinking “Huh? Me? I’m not scared of anything!”, but trust me on this one carnalito, you too, like almost everyone else, almost certainly have a phobia, an irrational fear of something or the other.

Maybe you haven’t discovered it yet, or maybe you refuse to acknowledge it. But if a tough person like you and a *somewhat* tough person like myself, too, can have a phobia, then what about the toughest people of them all, the pro wrestlers?

Well, that’s what we’re here to discuss today as I’m going to take you through this list of 5 WWE Superstars and their BIGGEST fears! Some of these might be understandable, while the others might appear to be completely stupid. But these phobias are indeed very real and the Superstars do actually have them.

Let’s proceed and find out who’s scared of what!

#1 John Cena: Acrophobia

Look at all the Superstars trying to alleviate Cena’s fear!

John Cena, during an interview with WWE’s official website, revealed that he had Acrophobia, or a fear of heights. This is a fear that, according to Cena, he has had for the entirety of his life! 

Cena stated that he had to overcome the phobia as he was required to jump off of a 60 feet cliff for the filming of his movie “The Reunion” (Don’t bother watching the movie, by the way, it was terrible and was universally slammed by critics).

Good on Cena to have overcome his fears, though. The dizzying heights that he has achieved in the WWE would have been very uncomfortable for him otherwise!

Next, let’s talk about one WWE Superstar and figure out “what’s up” with his greatest fear!

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