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5 WWE Superstars who could dethrone Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns captured the Universal Championship at Payback.
Roman Reigns captured the Universal Championship at Payback.
Shiraz Aslam
Modified 04 Sep 2020, 02:30 IST
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This past Sunday at WWE Payback, Roman Reigns won the Universal Championship in a Triple Threat Match. Since Reigns never signed the contract for the match, he was backstage for a large part of the match. In the meantime, Braun Strowman and The Fiend tore each other apart. In the final moments of the match, The Fiend delivered a massive Superplex to Strowman, causing the ring to collapse. The Big Dog, accompanied by his new manager and advisor Paul Heyman, chose the opportune time to sign the contract midway through the match to finally make it a three-way contest. He won the match after delivering a low-blow to The Fiend and pinning Strowman after a devastating Spear.

Roman Reigns' heel turn came as a shock to many. His alliance with Paul Heyman makes for an intriguing pair, and his new-found aggressive demeanor is pretty captivating. Under Heyman's guidance, The Big Dog will be pushed as the top heel of the Blue brand. Reports also indicate that Reigns will probably have a lengthy reign.

With Reigns ruling the yard once again as Universal Champion, he will have to deal with a plethora of talented stars. This list will look at five stars who could dethrone Roman Reigns.

#5 'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt could dethrone Roman Reigns

The Fiend and Roman Reigns are two wrecking-machine
The Fiend and Roman Reigns are two wrecking-machine

Let's get the obvious choice out of the way. The Fiend has a bone to pick with the new Universal Champion. The Big Dog mercilessly assaulted The Fiend seconds after the latter had just won the Universal Championship at SummerSlam and then cut Wyatt's reign short, who only held the title for seven days. Moreover, as it was a Triple Threat match, Wyatt didn't even get pinned to lose his title.

Wyatt and Reigns are no strangers to each other; these two powerhouses went to war several times in 2015. During their previous feud, Reigns was the babyface, while Wyatt was a heel. This time, the roles have been reversed, which makes their impending rivalry more compelling.

Clash of Champions is the next pay-per-view, and Roman Reigns versus 'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt should be one of the event's biggest match-ups. The Fiend has only been pinned once in his WWE career. He has run roughshod over the entire roster, but he hasn't been able to subdue Reigns. Wyatt has all the tools to defeat Reigns and could win back the Universal Championship sooner rather than later.

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Published 04 Sep 2020, 02:30 IST
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