5 WWE Superstars who were fired for absurd reasons

The current AEW star was an original member of the Nexus.
The current AEW star was an original member of the Nexus.

WWE has been under the negative limelight ever since the company started releasing talents amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Chunks of on-screen performers and backstage employees were released, including gigantic names such as Braun Strowman and "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt.

The releases are reportedly a result of 'budget cuts,' when the company gained enormous profit despite the economic deterioration during the pandemic. The explanation deserves to be a part of this list, but WWE has seen certain superstars lose their jobs for ridiculous reasons.

Here is a list of five WWE superstars the company released for absurd reasons.

#5 Former WWE Superstar Emma

"Now you'll see the makeover from Emma. Thank you." - @EmmaWWE #RAW

While the Four Horsewomen and Paige were provided with enough importance by WWE, Emma too was instrumental. Alongside and against the likes of Paige and Sasha Banks, she provided entertaining matches, which eventually led to the start of the women's revolution in the company.

The company first tried to showcase Emma as an inept dancer. She was aligned with Santino Marella, and the camaraderie between the duo made the gimmick work. Her heel, no-nonsense gimmick was also a great success, and the less is said about the failed Emmalina gimmick, the better.

Emma was ridiculously released from the company in 2014, following an arrest under accusations of theft. The "theft" turned out to be Emma forgetting to pay for an iPad case because it was not properly scanned. Other than this, she paid for the rest of the order.

After the truth came to light and immense fan backlash on social media, WWE reversed their decision and rehired her two hours later.

#4 Former WWE Superstar Robbie McAllister

One half of The Highlanders Robbie McAllister went to the live iMPACT! in Orlando and they showed him on camera with the lower third "WWE Wrestler" 13 years ago today.

The reason WWE fired Robbie McAllister is hilarious, and the Scot can only blame himself for his misfortune. While working on the main roster, he attended an Impact Wrestling show and was seen on camera.

A higher-up from WWE called him and asked him to leave the Impact Zone immediately, which he did. After this, he lost his Wrestlemania paycheck and WWE lost all interest in the Highlanders tag team he was part of. After months of toiling without a significant storyline, both members of the tag team were released.

#3 Former WWE Superstar Dawn Marie

Two-time ECW World Tag Team Champions Justin Credible and Lance Storm(The Impact Players),along with Dawn Marie back in 2000

Dawn Marie's release is an example of insensitivity from the higher-ups of WWE. When she revealed her pregnancy, the company decided to cut ties with her released her while on maternity leave.

Marie's most high-profile feud in the company was also her worst. It involved a rivalry with Torrie Wilson. The latter's real-life father, Al Wilson, was also involved in the scenario.

The contrast between Marie's situation and that of the likes of Lacey Evans and Becky Lynch is enormous. Lynch, for instance, won a championship immediately after returning from maternity leave while Marie got released.

#2 Former WWE Superstar Serena Deeb

Straight Edge Society members Luke Gallows and Serena Deeb,in a photo shoot for WWE Magazine back in 2010.

Serena Deeb's WWE career saw her aligning with CM Punk and Luke Gallows as part of the Straight Edge Society. She was reportedly fired for violating kayfabe. She was publicly spotted drinking, despite her on-screen persona being forbidden from doing so.

In the era of social media, hardly anyone can maintain kayfabe. Hence, the company's decision to release Serena for failing to maintain a straight-edge lifestyle outside the ring was absurd. The current AEW star returned to WWE years later as a coach before migrating to Tony Khan's promotion.

#1 Former WWE Champion Daniel Bryan

The New Daniel Bryan reminds #WWEBaltimore that the “Yes” movement is dead!

In a move that led to indie fans throwing ties to the ring, the company released Daniel Bryan for being "too violent" on his main roster debut. The future leader of the Yes Movement was part of the debuting Nexus group, and he decided to strangle Justin Roberts with his own tie. This infuriated sponsors and led to his release.

The release turned out to be a blessing in disguise for Bryan. After three months, when he returned to the company, he was presented as a significant player. By the end of his WWE career, he gained more success than any other members of the Nexus.

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