"You wrestle like a coward!" 5 WWE Superstars who savagely insulted The Miz on TV

The Miz has been savagely insulted by many superstars
The Miz has been savagely insulted by many superstars

When it comes to dishing out insults, few do it as well as The Miz. He is simply spectacular on the mic, and in his words, when his hand goes up, our mouths go shut.

You can go so far as to say that The Miz is one of the best talkers in WWE history. Fans are always excited to see spit fire on the microphone and deliver memorable promos. Over the years, he has delivered plenty of them in earnest, from his passionate Talking Smack rant to his burial of John Cena and Roman Reigns.

However, as the saying goes, if you want to dish it, you must be prepared to take it. As well as The A-Lister has torched his rivals with his words, there have been a couple of occasions where he got the roasted end of the stick.

We can't exactly say he has reacted well to some of those insults either, which bodes well with his slimy heel persona. Some of his peers have touched a nerve with him and insulted the very sense of his being.

On that note, here are five WWE Superstars who savagely insulted The Miz on worldwide TV.

#5. On our list of WWE Superstars who roasted The Miz in front of everyone: The Rock

The Rock didn't even try in this demolition of The Miz
The Rock didn't even try in this demolition of The Miz

The Rock has dissed The Miz plenty of times. However, one time, he proceeded to destroy him with few words and a big smile.

Rock was making his return to RAW in January 2016. He ran into a braggadocious Miz who was hyping his own return up backstage. The Great One interrupted him with a smile, prompting The (fake) A-Lister to ask him who the hell he was to steal his moment. What followed from Rocky was a hilarious burial of Miz's looks.

"Hey Miz, how you doing man? Yeah, good to see you. Alright, yeah, you wearing your little thing and looking like a blind nun. Alright, hey, do me a favor and park The Rock's truck."

We don't know if Mr. Mike ended up parking the real A-lister's truck. However, what we do know is that The Brahma Bull destroyed him with ease.

#4. CM Punk


CM Punk is not one for nonsensical stuff, and he proved as much during one of his limited interactions with The Miz. While being forced to take a lie detector test, the topic of him losing to Randy Orton came up. Having had enough, an irate Punk ripped into The A-Lister and proceeded to absolutely destroy him.

"You won your match at WrestleMania (XXVII) because Dwayne ran out and attacked John Cena, while, yes, I lost to Randy Orton in spectacular fashion. And that's funny, because that's what everybody remembers - the classic between Randy Orton and CM Punk and how it ended in a fantastic RKO. The ironic thing is you are the one who doesn't remember wrestling at WrestleMania because you had a concussion, and we all wish we could forget you were in the main event of WrestleMania, but no, we have to suffer."

#3. Randy Orton

Randy Orton deviously pulled The Miz and Maryse's strings on this day
Randy Orton deviously pulled The Miz and Maryse's strings on this day

Randy Orton returned from a serious injury at Battleground 2016 with a match against Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam to look forward to. That week, he appeared on Miz TV to talk about the match, but he ran into an uncooperative host in The Miz and the ever-annoying Maryse.

Miz suggested that Lesnar would beat up Orton to such an extent that his first match back from injury might be his last. The Viper then challenged his host to a non-title match right then and there, but was refused. The crafty 14-time world champion then dropped the question that everyone had in their minds.

"Are you scared of getting your a*s whooped in front of your pretty little wife?"

We don't know if it offended The A-Lister, but it was a simple and sharp burn. Maryse was definitely upset with the question and defended her husband's honor by accepting Orton's challenge. A couple of minutes and an RKO later, she wished she had just taken the insult on the chin.

#2. John Cena

John Cena questioning The Miz's manhood is the best insult he has dished out to him
John Cena questioning The Miz's manhood is the best insult he has dished out to him

John Cena has had a storied rivalry with The Miz. From their WrestleMania XXVII encounter to the mixed tag match six years later, the two superstars have never shied away from taking shots at one another.

However, as well as Miz has roasted Cena over the years, it is one of the latter's burns that takes the cake here. After The A-Lister and his wife had insulted Nikki Bella for not having kids, her then-fiancΓ© came to her defense. He did so by dishing out the verbal equivalent of a low blow and even came close to doing it literally.

"And you want to knock Nicole for not having kids? How long have y'all been married; how many kids you got? Let me just crunch the numbers real quick - none! What, you firing blanks there, sport?"

While dropping the last line, Cena proceeded to fake a squeeze to Miz's crotch. It was a hilarious moment that sent the crowd into streaks of laughter and his rival into absolute fury. The coincidence of Maryse giving birth to their first child exactly a year from The Cenation's Leader's comments makes it even funnier.

#1. Daniel Bryan


Daniel Bryan was a regular on Talking Smack back in the day, but while dealing with The Miz, he seemed to forget that it didn't have to be personal. Bryan has taken multiple digs at Miz on the show, but there is one that stands above everything else.

"There's no gentle way to say it, you wrestle like a coward. You wrestle like somebody who's afraid to get hit. You wrestle like a coward. If I were to create a wrestler who to me when I was an independent guy and I was thinking like 'Oh, okay, what's the soft WWE style?', it would be that. WWE has transformed."

The then-Intercontinental Champion cut him off before dropping the promo of the year. The American Dragon's insult triggered him to the point where he shushed host Renee Young and delivered a scathing rant defending himself and the way he wrestled.

He criticised Bryan and the fans for not seeing why he performs the way he does and declared that he was proud of who he was as the whole world watched in silence.

That one promo instantly made him a main-event player and garnered unanimous critical acclaim. Not only did he put Talking Smack on the map, but also himself, his Intercontinental Championship reign and WWE Superstars who weren't elite ring technicians. Maybe people do need to insult The Miz to bring out the best in him.

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