5 WWE Superstars who married Tough Enough contestants

Five WWE Superstars who married Tough Enough contestants
Five WWE Superstars who married Tough Enough contestants

#4. WWE Superstar Brian Kendrick - Taylor Matheny

Brian Kendrick signed his first developmental contract with WWE in February 2000. Nonetheless, the company released him in 2001. That same year, Taylor Matheny participated in the first season of Tough Enough.

She finished the competition in second place. However, Matheny did not get a WWE contract. She then started competing on the independent circuit, where she met Kendrick.

In an interview with The Steve Austin Show: Unleashed, Kendrick disclosed how he first met Matheny.

"She did the first Tough Enough. Met on the indie show in Alaska and she was a b*tch and she knows she was. She's just rude when I was trying to be nice cuz I tried to be nice. Met her in Japan. She was living in the dojo. Came to one of the shows. Samoa Joe and I were there. Her and this other lady Melissa were out there. Their boss took us out to dinner," he said.

At dinner, Matheny criticized Kendrick for not drinking. He started drinking and the two hit it off shortly after.

"Next thing you know we are in love. And we grew up in Washington State 40 minutes from each other. So it was meant to be," he added.

Kendrick and Matheny dated for a few years before tying the knot in 2008. While the former Tough Enough contestant retired from pro wrestling in 2003, her husband continued to perform inside the squared circle for several years. He had a few more WWE runs, during which he won two tag team titles and the Cruiserweight Championship once.

Kendrick's last WWE run started in 2017. However, he retired from in-ring action to become a coach and backstage producer earlier this year.


In the past few weeks, the former Cruiserweight Champion entered a feud with Harland on NXT 2.0 after the latter threw him down the stairs. Kendrick recently resigned from his coaching position to make his in-ring return against Harland next Tuesday.

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