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5 WWE superstars other than Matt Hardy who could have pulled off The Broken Gimmick

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Broken Matt Hardy is a very innovative character

If you’ve been a casual fan of professional wrestling fan over the past twelve months or so, then you’re probably very confused about why there are chants of Delete ringing out every time The Hardy Boyz – or Matt Hardy, in particular – shows up on-air.

Well, let me enlighten you. That’s because Matt developed a gimmick for himself called Broken Matt Hardy during his time with TNA and his subsequent tour of the indie circuit. It became really big and breathed new life into The Hardyz’ career.

The character can be best described as a crazy, prophetic incarnation of a mad man that has infested the body of the person formerly known as Matt Hardy. He took on a weird accent, streaked his hair blonde and started chanting Delete over and over.

But, is the only one who could have pulled this off? Well, we think with a little bit of imagination and effort, we believe some other superstars – past and present – could have pulled off something as ridiculous.

So, without any further ado here is our list of 5 superstars other than Matt Hardy who could have pulled off The Broken Gimmick:

#5 Luke Harper

Luke Harper is adept at playing outlandish characters

Coming in at Number 5 is the unlikeliest of the bunch, the former right-hand man of Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper. I know I know, you’re not very convinced, but just hear me out. Harper has been credited by Bray as a huge part of his creepy gimmick, and that sort of creativity is essential in pulling off a gimmick as outlandish as Broken Matt.

He has the crazy look required for the part and is a surprisingly underrated performer on the mic as well. This combination of things could easily see Luke Harper step out of the shadows of his former Wyatt Family leader and take up the role of leading man for himself.

He even has a willing cohort for the role of Brother Nero in Erick Rowan.

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