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5 WWE Superstars who don't get along with their siblings

Mike Chin
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Published 02 Nov 2017, 01:02 IST
02 Nov 2017, 01:02 IST

Not all of wrestling
Not all of wrestling's best loved legends get along with their own families.

It’s not unusual for WWE Superstars to refer to one another as brothers and sisters. They share intense bonds they form travelling the world together and trusting one another with the safety of their bodies. Additionally, they endure shared experiences like being away from family and having to stay in extraordinary shape to continue to meet WWE standards.

But what of these stars and their real-life brothers and sisters? Sure, there are some families for which wrestling is a family pursuit and more than one sibling is involved in the business. But even that can lead to tensions over professional jealousies or differences in visions. And then there are those stars who rose from tough upbringings and have since done all they can to put their families behind them.

This article takes a look at five WWE Superstars, past and present, who haven’t always gotten along with their siblings.

#5 CM Punk

CM Punk doesn
CM Punk doesn't define family by bloodlines.

CM Punk can famously be a bit of a grump. He has admitted as much about how he behaves when he’s in a bad mood and all the more so when he feels someone has disrespected him. He’s notorious for being less-than-welcoming to fans he runs into at the airport and was known to have his share of confrontational relationships with his colleagues as well.

So, it may not be so surprising to learn that Punk has had issues getting along with his own brother, too. In the Best in the World documentary produced by WWE, Punk discussed that his brother stole money from him after they put on a backyard wrestling show.

Punk consequently made the choice cut him out of his life. He cited that he sees many of his friends from different parts of his life as brothers and sisters, but that someone who steals isn’t a brother, so he had no qualms about cutting ties.

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