5 WWE Superstars who have defeated Brock Lesnar clean in singles matches

  • A look at 5 superstars in WWE who hold clean victories over The Beast.
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When it happens, it’s always a shock

As Vince McMahon says, the WWE is more than just a wrestling company. Their main aim, according to the owner, is to tell stories. One of the more regularly used storylines to come out of the McMahon led conglomerate is the tale of the big bad beast that the superman-like babyface eventually steps up to and vanquishes. The WWE is at its best when larger than life monsters are finally defeated after many failed attempts by the all-American hero. 

There are still those superstars throughout the history of the company that rarely see defeat. Normally it's because they are an overly protected baby face that Vince hates to see lose. But one exception to that has always been the ultimate ‘Beast’ Brock Lesnar.

Whether face or heel, Lesnar just doesn’t lose that often. We all know the man’s reputation, and see him as a legitimate fighter after spending so long in MMA. Therefore we can believe it when the WWE try to tell us that nobody on the roster is capable of scoring an upset over such an athlete.

However, there have been those superstars who were given the privilege of taking a chunk or two out of Lesnar, and there have even been five lucky men who scored a clean victory over him. Here are the 5 men who have beaten Brock Lesnar clean:  

#1 Kurt Angle – Summerslam 2003

You tapped out!

We start the list off, not only with a clean defeat for The Beast but a clean submission victory. At Summerslam 2003, Kurt Angle defended his WWE Championship against Brock Lesnar in the Smackdown main event of the show. This victory for Angle is even more impressive when you consider that Mr McMahon himself accompanied Lesnar to the ring and even hit Angle with a steel chair. 

While most of the attention from Summerslam 03 was drawn towards the Elimination Chamber match, these two off screen friends almost stole the show with one of the many instalments of their historic rivalry. The two men also faced each other at Wrestlemania 19 earlier in the year, and on numerous occasions on Smackdown.

It is difficult to imagine Brock losing clean in 2017, but back in 2003 he was the chosen one, or ‘the best big thing’ for WWE, and it was clear Mr McMahon wanted to protect his investment at all costs. Anyone who dislikes the Superman treatment that Roman Reigns or John Cena sometimes gets will be able to relate to how surprising this defeat was.

Seeing the Beast tap out is a real rarity for WWE fans. Submission victories always make the defeated wrestler look weaker compared with taking a pinfall. But if there’s anyone you wouldn’t mind tapping out to, it has to be the master of the ankle lock, Kurt Angle. 

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