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5 WWE Superstars whose careers could end a lot sooner than we think 

Rohit Nath
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Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns

The life of a WWE superstar is a difficult one. Over the years because of their public persona, superstars have been dehumanized a bit and people often neglect the seriousness of things that can happen behind the scenes.

What we see on television may be superstars pushing through pain, injuries, illness and more just to entertain us. However, they all have shelf-lives as well and there is only a limit to which they can put their bodies through.

This is when they usually decide to call it quits, preferably on their own terms. There have been multiple situations in the past where a superstar was forced to retire against their will, but ultimately had to realize that they can only do so much. Daniel Bryan is one exception of a superstar who fought tooth and nail to get cleared again and managed to do so.

Here are five top superstars who won't be wrestling as long as you think.

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#5. Tommaso Ciampa

Tommaso Ciampa
Tommaso Ciampa

Tommaso Ciampa is one of the best all-round performers in WWE, but his overall time in the ring may not be that much. When he had surgery earlier this year, he revealed that the doctor told him he's on borrowed time.

In May of 2017 they told me that no one has ever had 3 surgeries in a 12 week span and returned at a competitive level. I returned to the most successful run of my career. This week I should be preparing to walk into the main event of Takeover New York on Wrestlemania weekend as the NXT champion. That match meant more to me than anyone will ever understand. The opportunity was taken away from me. In March of 2019 they told me that if I return then I will be on borrowed time.

It seems to be one of those Edge kind of situations. Hopefully, he's able to maximize his in-ring career and get out when necessary.

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