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5 WWE Tag Teams that succeeded despite the odds

These WWE teams shouldn't have been successful, but they proved the critics wrong

The New Day got over despite the fact that the gimmick seemed too silly to ever be successful

Getting over in WWE is not easy. Many Superstars go their entire WWE careers not knowing what it is, to be truly successful. Try as they might, they just can’t seem to find their niche, and before long, they part ways with the company.

For every Daniel Bryan success story, there are twice as many Wade Barrett near-misses. Barrett had everything a guy needs to get over; he had the look, he had the charisma, and he had the ability. But bad booking combined with a character that never really caught on, caused his WWE run to end prematurely.

However, sometimes, WWE manages to catch lightning in a bottle. It doesn’t happen often, and when it does, the circumstances have to be just right. The booking can be great, but the situation has to fit, and the talent has to be pitch perfect.

When everything falls into place, magic can be made. It’s not an easy formula, but when it works, stars can find themselves on top of the world. Of course when more than one talent is involved, the equation suddenly becomes much more complicated.

3MB is a great example of what happens when quirky talents come together in an effort to find that magic but ultimately fall short. Each man involved put forth a great effort, but the idea just never caught fire the way WWE hoped it would.

But when it works, it works. No matter how many times it fails, WWE will keep going for broke because there’s always the possibility it will get over. When it does, everyone wins. Some teams that find the magic not only become stars, but they also become legends.

This is five of the best WWE has ever seen.

#5 The Wyatt Family with Randy Orton

Randy Orton doesn’t fit with The Wyatt Family, but it’s working all the same

The Wyatt Family was splintered by the WWE brand split. Braun Strowman was sent to Monday Night Raw, as Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper went to SmackDown Live, while Erick Rowan went missing in action. The faction that had captivated so many, suddenly found itself with no direction, and no purpose.

But the unlikely inclusion of Randy Orton has changed everything. Now fans are not only back on board; they’re starting to love it. Orton has brought a new interest in The Wyatt Family, and fans are truly getting into the story.

The funny part is Orton shouldn’t fit. He’s been a loner for the bulk of his career with very few exceptions, and he has virtually nothing in common with The Wyatt Family. He’s a streamlined WWE God among men, and he’s currently aligned with a backwoods cult.

Despite the odd fit, it’s working. Fans are beginning to love it. Orton has made The Wyatt Family relevant again, and he’s brought an edge to them that they’ve never really had. Orton is not only making it work; it looks like he actually belongs with them.

Of course, this story will surely lead to Orton’s betrayal of Bray. Fans know it’s coming, and they’ve known it from day one. Orton just has no reason to get involved with The Wyatt Family, other than to destroy Bray. Orton plays mind games like no other, and that’s what fans are seeing now.

However, maybe the original direction shouldn’t be followed just yet. This tandem is working, fans are into it, and the whole thing is over. Maybe WWE should stick with this a bit longer if only to see how far it can go. 

Regardless of what happens, this remains one of the most interesting, yet bizarre, combinations of all time. But it’s working nonetheless.

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