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5 WWE title belts that badly need a new look

  • Champions need to look like royalty - so why don't they?
  • It's time for some visual changes to be made in WWE.
Harry Kettle
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Modified 17 Mar 2020, 16:22 IST

Championship belts need to be treasured
Championship belts need to be treasured

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While it may seem like a very niche thing to pick up on, it turns out that there are quite a few fans out there who are really intrigued by the design of certain Championship belts. The whole point of being a Champion is to represent your promotion or specific division, and do so with a level of pride and dignity.

There are straps in WWE right now that don't really fit those criteria, and it really is that simple. Nobody on the planet can deserve the 'perfect' Championship belt that is universally adored, mainly because we don't believe that it exists, but WWE could definitely do a better job at drawing us in through the belts that these Champions hold.

#5 United States Championship

It just doesn
It just doesn't work

For many years, we didn't really have all too many issues with the United States Championship, if only because it was deemed to be more 'harmless' than anything else. As time has gone on, though, and more impressive title belts have been produced, it has become painfully clear that something needs to change with the US title.

The main issue is that it just looks too small on just about everyone that wears it, regardless of if it is around their waist or over their shoulder. Alongside that, you have the clear as day issue that is the color scheme - which makes it look more like a toy than anything else.

While this isn't a case of seeing how other promotions have done it, we do think there are enough creative people within WWE that could construct something that would feel a little bit more modern.

It's not the worst in the company, but we don't think anyone wears it with particular pride anymore, and that's a shame.

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Published 17 Mar 2020, 16:22 IST
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