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5 WWE Superstars who will probably never return to the main event picture 

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WWE boasts arguably the best talent roster in professional wrestling right now, but the company also boasts one of the largest talent rosters, which can crowd the main event picture when it comes to Champions and challengers.

In the past few years, with more NXT talents being called up to the main roster, several standout names who previously competed for top titles in WWE have been relegated to the mid-card and are struggling to climb back to the top of the ladder in order to grab Vince McMahon's proverbial "brass ring."

WWE fans will always debate certain talents they feel belong at the top, but names such as Bray Wyatt, Matt Hardy, Dolph Ziggler, and up until WrestleMania 35 Kofi Kingston, have always been major fan favorites who are unable to break through the glass ceiling in WWE.

With the above in mind, let's take a look at 5 WWE wrestlers who are unlikely to return to the main event picture despite previously earning shots at top titles in the company.

#5 Shinsuke Nakamura

Shinsuke Nakamura
Shinsuke Nakamura

Arguably one of the biggest foreign acquisitions made by WWE in the past decade is Japanese Superstar Shinsuke Nakamura, who signed with the company on the heels of a tremendous run as one of New Japan Pro Wrestling's biggest stars. The King of Strong Style continued his dominance with an impressive run on NXT before being called up to the main roster with a multitude of fanfare.

Two years ago, hardcore pro wrestling fans were treated to fantasy booking at its best when Nakamura won the Royal Rumble match and went on to face AJ Styles for the WWE Title at WrestleMania 34. Despite a lengthy feud, Nakamura was unable to capture the title from Styles, and since then his push in the company has been scaled back in a major way.

While Nakamura's in-ring talents are undeniable, his inability to cut the WWE style promo will likely prohibit him from ever returning to main event title competition in WWE.

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