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5 Wrestlers you did not know are close to Brock Lesnar in real life

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The golden standard was a coach of Lesnar

Brock Lesnar is not one of those superstars that one would want to be friends with. The way he carries himself around, both inside and outside the squared circle, is intimidating and it is easy to come up with the conclusion that he is a hard nut to crack.  

To an extent, this conclusion is true as well. While Lesnar is known to be a family guy who loves his wife and children, the social life of Lesnar outside his family is often a big mystery to many wrestling fans. For someone who simply clocks in and clocks out, he is not known to have many friends but at the same time, there are certain superstars from the wrestling business that are close to the Beast and in this list, we are going to take a look at them.

#1 Goldberg

Lesnar got one guy on his corner for sure

The rumors about a potential match between Goldberg and Brock Lesnar are floating around but not many know that these two are great friends in real life. Goldberg and Lesnar had worked together back in WrestleMania 20 and it was a forgettable outing. However, their personal relationship was a strong one and Goldberg even said that he will be in Lesnar’s corner no matter what Lesnar decides to do.

“Whatever Brock wants to do, I’m in his corner. He’s a good buddy of mine and we talk frequently. I just hope at the end of the day whatever he chooses his health is on a positive note. We all know he’s had some issues over the past number of years,” Goldberg said during an Interview.

The relationship between these two is evident from this and Lesnar has admitted the same as well.

This was also the reason why Brock Lesnar was squashed by Goldberg at WWE Survivor Series 2016 

Goldberg and Brock Lesnar are pretty close in real life and Lesnar wanted Goldberg to squash him so Survivor Series becomes a major payday for WWE.

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