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6 Best mic workers in the WWE today

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The Great One has always been wildly entertaining on the microphone

The WWE is currently stacked with talent. To become a top WWE star, one needs to have the right attitude and mentality. However, two things that make or break a star is their mic work and their body of in-ring work. Someone like Roman Reigns, who is of the prototypical WWE mold, has been facing backlash from the WWE fans because of the fact that he is still green around the edges.

The WWE fans aren’t so forgiving when it comes to pushing the unfinished product. The WWE machine keeps churning out stars that have the look, but not necessarily the verbiage or the polished in-ring skills that the fans demand. However, there are stars in the company who can hold their own on the microphone, as well as in the ring but continue to linger in the mid card.

Today, we take a look at the top six mic workers/talkers in WWE.

#6 Stephanie McMahon

A natural with the microphone

Stephanie McMahon has embraced her role and has made it her own. Couple of years ago, Stephanie was still basking in Triple H’s glory, but with the fact that Triple H is currently written out of storylines, Stephanie has had to step up and take up the role of being the top heel in the company.

While her on-screen role has changed since WrestleMania, the way Stephanie has responded to the challenge has been top notch.

One has to understand that putting Stephanie in a tweener role puts her in a predicament. In a day and age where the performers have to control the emotions of the crowd, Stephanie has played her part to perfection.

While the fans haven’t been easy to deal with, Stephanie in her recent promos has proved once again that she is more than capable of filling Vince’s shoes once he walks away from the organization.

Stephanie is undoubtedly one of the best female talents in the company today and has been proving it every week.

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