7 biggest and best moments in professional wrestling from September 2017

Marc Madison
Modified 08 Oct 2017
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#6 Kevin Owens attacks Vince McMahon

Owens beat down of the chairman was surely huge moment this past month.
Owens beatdown of the chairman was surely huge moment this past month

On the heels of Shane McMahon's suspension from his role as Smackdown Live commissioner, Kevin Owens was confronted by Vince McMahon. The week after being suspended, Owens and Vince McMahon discussed why Shane was suspended and what the consequences of Shane's suspension would be… for Owens. The Chairman stated that the reason Shane was suspended because he didn't finish the job during his attack of Owens.

Owens agreed to the stipulation because Vince made him aware that after all his legal expenses were used, there would be nothing left to resolve it and have "The Prizefighter" awarded the winner of his ‘lawsuit' against the WWE.

After Vince agreed that Owens could beat down a McMahon senseless if provoked, which resulted in an attack that was cringe-worthy. Owens headbutted the Chairman which led to him being bloodied almost immediately. What followed was a superkick and frog splash onto the chairman of the board that has certainly set the tone for the McMahon/Owens match against one another at Hell in a Cell.

Published 08 Oct 2017
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