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6 non-American wrestlers with the best mic skills

Sammy Sheeran
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BNB - cool as a breeze on the microphone

To be a top tier superstar within the world of professional wrestling, it is almost a certainty that the talent must have strong microphone skills.

It’s a necessity as a skill to build a great in ring worker who is stuck in the mid-card, and turn him into a shining star of the main event. Some Superstars within the WWE aren’t of American origin and have to adjust how they talk in their countries to adjust to their environments.

Here are 6 of the best non-American superstars to talk on the mic.

#6 Rusev

Rusev expresses his anger

It certainly isn’t any secret that Rusev’s mic skills were down to Lana cutting most of the promo work in the early days of his career. Lana is captivating, alluring and one of the company's best mic workers.

Her presence has helped catapult Rusev, making him one of WWE's fasting rising stars

This has changed as of late for Rusev. He has been given more time to talk for himself and his mix of broken English and intensity has worked for him as a heel in the business. Lana will probably for the foreseeable future be his main mouthpiece but he is definitely improving and is holding his own when it comes to the mic.

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