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6 Photos of Shawn Michaels he might prefer you didn't see

  • We delve deep into the Heartbreak Kid's past with some incredible photos
  • There are some you almost certainly will never have seen before
Matty Paddock
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Modified 26 Mar 2020, 15:00 IST

We've compiled some candid photos of the incredible Heartbreak Kid

He's The Icon, he's The Showstopper, he's the Main Event - he's Mr. Wrestlemania himself, Shawn Michaels!

The two-time WWE Hall of Famer is incomparable in many respects as one of the most charismatic, popular performers of his generation.

The Heartbreak Kid was a former WWE Tag Team Champion but also enjoyed one of the most storied singles careers in history, winning the WWE Championship, Intercontinental title, and European Gold to name just a few.

A founding member of the legendary D-Generation X faction, Michaels has seen it all and done even more during the course of his career. Once again, the cameras and spotlight that comes with a career in professional wrestling were there to follow his every move.

From his highs to his lows, he's been documented throughout his iconic career that began way back in the 1980s - with just a small selection of Shawn Michaels captures, we've identified six such images that, for varying reasons, he might just prefer you didn't see.

#6. Student and the master?

Shawn Michaels with trainees - Daniel Bryan pictured furthest left
Shawn Michaels with trainees - Daniel Bryan pictured furthest left

Back near the turn of the millennium, Shawn Michaels' career as an in-ring performer was over (or at least it at that point it was), following the serious back injury he sustained in early 1998 in the lead up to his WrestleMania match with Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Around the same time, a young, aspiring wrestler who we'd later know in WWE as Daniel Bryan began training under the tutelage of Michaels in San Antonio, Texas. The influence Michaels had on the formative years of Bryan's development has never been denied.

While there's nothing contentious in the photo above (you can see a very young Bryan on the left-hand side), there is a slight foreshadowing involved, with the student slowly beginning to overtake the master.


While Michaels would, of course, later return to the ring to add a few more incredible matches to an already distinguished career, it's no understatement to say his work outside the ring and in the Texas Wrestling Academy was every bit as important.

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Published 26 Mar 2020, 15:00 IST
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