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6 Questions from WWE No Mercy and RAW that most need answering

A RAW night at No Mercy
A RAW night at No Mercy
Daniel Crump
Modified 27 Sep 2017
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The RAW exclusive PPV No Mercy was a disappointment. Even the most ardent WWE supporter must surely acknowledge that despite being a B-show, the PPV did nothing to help any individual and ultimately left the fans feeling confused and frustrated.

Considering the amount of potential going into this one, with Reigns going up against Cena for the first time, or it looking like Lesnar's part-time reign of terror might be done, the roster had little to work with the next night on RAW and fans are already looking forward to the next show without really caring to discuss this car wreck much further.

That being said, we still need to dissect the PPV and ask ourselves some questions regarding where the company goes from here. Here are six questions from No Mercy and RAW that most need answering:

#1 Could the WWE utilise Nia Jax any worse?

Getting it all wrong.
Getting it all wrong.

Ever since her debut on NXT, Nia Jax has been carrying a lot of promise. She offers something genuinely different to the rest of the women's division and to the WWE in general, yet the writers have never quite gotten it right with her.

Despite competing for the RAW Women's Championship at Wrestlemania this year, her involvement in the title scene during 2017 has been no more than a passing footnote. What is particularly frustrating about this is that the WWE clearly see something in her, and when it comes to the matches themselves, Jax is probably booked better than any of her competitors.

Sunday night at No Mercy, we again saw another multi-women's match built around how the smaller athletes struggled to cope with the size and strength of Nia Jax, which made the whole affair more interesting, and it was able to help the match tell a better story. But now that Alexa Bliss seems to have moved on to a new feud with the returning Mickie James, where does Nia go from here?

At the moment, she is being booked more like a sympathetic babyface than a monster heel, which is an example of complete upside down booking on the writers' behalf. Nia should be the women's division's Brock Lesnar, holding the belt and challenging the others to come at her. Having her chase the title and look weaker and weaker with each attempt is just wasting a potentially golden opportunity.

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Published 27 Sep 2017, 20:18 IST
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