6 remaining members of forgotten WWE factions - Hall Of Famer, Triple Crown Champion, Liv Morgan

Former World Heavyweight champion Sheamus and Smackdown Women's Champion Liv Morgan
Former World Heavyweight champion Sheamus and Smackdown Women's Champion Liv Morgan

A successful faction can be a great launchpad for the success of a young WWE Superstar.

Iconic factions such as Evolution, The Shield, and The New Day have helped shape the company's current main event scene by producing multiple future world champions. These groups' incredible runs gave their members the momentum they needed to transition into singles competition and succeed at the highest level.

However, for every great faction churning out breakout stars, there is a forgettable group whose members succeed not because of it, but despite it. These stables don't necessarily fail because of a lack of talent within their ranks, but rather due to poor chemistry, bad luck with injuries or booking challenges.

Hence, they end up being awkward footnotes in the successful career stories of its members.

Without further ado, let's look at five current WWE Superstars who rose from the ashes of forgotten stables and still found tremendous success in the company.

#6 & #5 Sonya Deville and NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose - Absolution


Had it not been for bad luck, Absolution could have been one of the greatest female factions in WWE history. Led by the incredibly popular Paige, the trio showed great potential of becoming a force to be reckoned with.

They attacked the likes of Bayley and Mickie James in Shield-like fashion before Paige suffered a relapse of a neck injury that had previously kept her out of action for more than a year.

Although the Anti-Diva transitioned into the group's manager, they never recaptured their momentum after Paige's injury setback. Paige retired from in-ring action on the RAW after WrestleMania 34 and the group was officially disbanded a week later, barely six months after its formation.

The youngest Divas champion of all time has now left the company, but Rose and Deville continue to thrive, leaving fans to wonder what could have been if lady luck had smiled on this faction.

#4 Triple Crown WWE Women's champion Alexa Bliss - The Blake Alexa Murphy Factor

Alexa Bliss started out as a valet
Alexa Bliss started out as a valet

Former WWE NXT Tag Team Champions Blake and Murphy were one of the best acts in the developmental brand, forming the Blake Alexa Murphy Factor (BAMF) together with valet Alexa Bliss.

Not only were the villainous duo dynamic in the ring, they had an ace up their sleeve in Bliss, who helped them win matches on several occasions. After their sole title reign, however, the duo went on a losing streak before Little Miss Bliss left the group upon being called up to the main roster.

This marked the end of BAMF, with Blake and Murphy pursuing singles careers before a brief unsuccessful reunion. Murphy found success as one of the cornerstones of 205 Live while Blake joined another ill-fated stable, The Forgotten Sons. Both men were released in 2021, leaving Bliss as the only remaining member in the company.

The former valet has thrived as a solo act, becoming a five-time world champion, two-time tag team title holder and Ms. Money In The Bank winner.

#3 Former WWE World Heavyweight champion Sheamus - League of Nations

The League Of Nations make their entrance at WrestleMania 32
The League Of Nations make their entrance at WrestleMania 32

The League of Nations was formed in late 2015, consisting of WWE World Heavyweight champion Sheamus, United States champion Alberto Del Rio, Rusev and King Barrett.

The fearsome foursome looked set to dominate the company's landscape with their destructive power and brawling abilities. However, it soon became apparent that the collective was assembled to be dismantled by Roman Reigns.

This led to the failure of the group, mainly due to a strong rejection of The Big Dog's babyface push by a vocal section of the audience. Additionally, Reigns getting the better of the faction in various handicap situations hampered their momentum. The group dismantled within six months, with each member going on to achieve moderate individual success.

As of July 2022, only Sheamus remains an active in-ring WWE Superstar, with Del Rio and Rusev thriving elsewhere and Barrett serving as a color commentator in NXT 2.0.

#2 WWE Hall Of Famer Edge - La Familia

La Familia helped the Ultimate Opportunist win 6 world championships
La Familia helped the Ultimate Opportunist win 6 world championships

WWE Hall of Famer Edge has been part of his fair share of factions over his career. From The Brood all the way to The Judgment Day, the tag-team specialist-turned-singles maestro has mastered the art of using numbers to achieve his goals. La Familia is one of the most successful and yet often forgotten factions of the eleven-time world champion's career.

Edge formed the group with the help of his romantic angle with RAW General Manager Vickie Guerrero, who helped bring Chavo Guerrero into the faction. With the help of both Guerreros and The Edgeheads, the Ultimate Opportunist overcame foes like The Undertaker and Batista to win six world titles in two years.

Under the management of Mrs. Guerrero, each member of the group won a championship before they met their inevitable downfall due to their heelish tendencies.

The group eventually disbanded, with its members going on to achieve varying levels of success in WWE. As of July 2022, only Edge remains employed by the company.

#1 SmackDown Women's Champion Liv Morgan - The Riott Squad

EXCLUSIVE: The #RiottSquad vow to turn dreams into nightmares following their loss at #WWEEvolution.

Liv Morgan debuted in WWE as part of The Riott Squad in November 2017 alongside Ruby Riott and Sarah Logan. The group, portraying heels, quickly became a staple of the women's tag team division. Facing the best teams the division had to offer, they held their own before injuries halted their momentum.

As a result of these unfortunate-timed layoffs, the group slid down the card before eventually being rebranded. The trio were repackaged as solo competitors and went down different paths, with Logan currently in Control Your Narrative and Riott a cornerstone of the AEW women's roster.

Newly-crowned SmackDown Women's champion Morgan is the only surviving member of the trio, and her future looks brighter than ever.

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