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6 Romantic WWE Pairings - Past, Present and Future

Sarah Hirsch
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Stephanie McMahon and Triple H have lasted for 17 years on and off screen

Love makes the world go ‘round and fans have seen their fair share of romantic pairings throughout the years. Female fans, in particular, are prone to what is called “shipping”. Shipping means two people that fans want to get together. It is natural to wonder who could survive the chaos in WWE together. If we can ship and rejoice in Richonne on The Walking Dead, then WWE is no different.

Unless you are Stephanie McMahon and Triple H, love doesn’t last forever in WWE. It doesn’t stop fans from holding out hope that there will be a new power couple. Older female fans like myself could only hope we see a Macho Man/Miss Elizabeth type of relationship once again. There are teases at times, making our shipper radars go crazy once more.

This will be a mix of old and new. Some relationships could still happen onscreen, whereas all we can do with the others is reminisce about what could have been. 

Without further ado, let’s dive in and go into the “shipping” world.

#1 Sasha Banks and Enzo Amore

Banks and Amore had fans going wild in Atlanta

I may be a blogger, but I am the same girl who sat in the crowd in Atlanta on the August 1st Raw texting my friends “OMG I SHIP THIS” once the opening segment was over between Banks, Amore, Charlotte and Chris Jericho. This is the most current “what if?” scenario when it comes to relationships. Banks is the Boss and Amore is the realest guy in the room. This couple portrays fun and sassiness in one, complete package. The chemistry that night was sizzling.

Fans would like to see the two team up again and possibly sparks could fly once more. The question is, can it happen again? There hasn’t been follow-up just yet, but both parties have had their hands full with feuds and rivalries to keep busy for the time being.

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