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6 Things The WWE Universe Needs To  Stop Complaining About

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Let's be honest. The WWE Universe complains too much.
Let's be honest. The WWE Universe complains too much.

The WWE Universe absolutely loves to complain over the slightest misstep by the company and while some of their concerns are valid, others seem like they border on whining about nothing. Furthermore, it feels as if they don't care about the process of storytelling telling and business decisions.

Again, not everything The WWE does is perfect and some of the recent decisions they have made are somewhat concerning, but that doesn't mean all their criticisms are valid. In fact, between their constant disapproval of Monday Night Raw and other decisions the company has made as of late, it's as if fans aren't even giving things a chance anymore.

With that being said and criticism of WWE seemingly at an all-time high, here are seven things The WWE Universe needs to stop complaining about. Keep in mind that this doesn't mean fans can't complain or even threaten to stop watching WWE programming if the company does something they don't like, but don't whine over every single decision

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#6 Authority figures

The WWE Universe isn't even giving Baron Corbin a chance as an authority figure!
The WWE Universe isn't even giving Baron Corbin a chance as an authority figure!

Whether The WWE Universe likes it or not, Authority figures play a crucial role in storylines and are responsible for ultimately helping the babyface get over with the fans. The problem, however, is that this storyline takes a lot of time to play out and involves the babyface coming up short to The Authority multiple times.

While the desired result is for The WWE Universe to hate the authority figure and dream for the day that they are out of power, fans take it a step too far by claiming that this hurts the show. Furthermore, they threaten to quit watching WWE programming over the storyline even though they haven't reached the payoff yet.

In the end, there will be a day, most likely soon, that Braun Strowman or whoever his surrogate ends up being, topples the authority and rings in a new day for Monday Night Raw. With that being said, fans need to watch and see how these authority storylines play out before prematurely labelling them a failure.

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