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6 things WWE has to do after Money In The Bank 2016

After a spectacular Money In The Bank event, there are some things WWE must do to keep up the good work

Dean Ambrose left Money In The Bank as WWE World Heavyweight Champion

Money In The Bank 2016 had a weak undercard but three marquee matches all of which delivered. John Cena and AJ Styles finally met inside the squared circle and their match did not disappoint although the ending was a tiny bit disappointing. The Money In The Bank ladder match was one of the best ever with Dean Ambrose winning the contract and cashing it in later in the night following Seth Rollins’ victory in the main event.

With Ambrose now World Heavyweight Champion, the top of WWE has been shaken up and leaves a world of new possibilities. Add to that, a tense situation between John Cena and The Club and two former champions gunning to win back their WWE World Heavyweight Championship, and things look very interesting in the WWE right now.

Let’s take a look at 6 things that need to happen following Money In The Bank:

#6 Rebuild Rusev with a long unbeaten streak

Rusev is once again establishing himself as a dominant force in WWE.

Three months ago, Rusev looked done. The Bulgarian Brute was losing left, right and centre as part of the floundering League of Nations. This included getting thrown out of the Royal Rumble in 30 seconds.

Since the League of Nations broke up, Rusev has come out lean, mean and ready to go with his fiancé Lana by his side. After destroying Kalisto over the last few weeks, Rusev made Titus O’ Neil tap out last night in front of his children, who were at ringside.

Rusev looks like an actual Bulgarian Brute once again and it's time for Rusev to go on an another long unbeaten streak to the title. Rusev has added a lot to his repertoire over the last few months and deserves a chance to fulfill his potential as a possible future main event level player.

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