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6 things you should know about Broken Matt Hardy

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Let's get to know Broken Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy very well may be turning into something very special on WWE television soon. His character was seen breaking on Raw after a loss to Bray Wyatt. Behind the scenes, his Broken Universe is finally being released to him from Impact Wrestling and by the looks of things WWE is going to start implementing this hot gimmick as soon as possible.

Matt Hardy has already shown several exciting signs that his gimmick is on the way in WWE. But if you're excited and you really don't know why then maybe this list is for you. After all, the Broken Universe is a rather complex thing. So let's brush up on a few important points you should know about Broken Matt Hardy.

1: The Gimmick's Incarnation

How did this WONDERFUL thing come about?

All of this started in TNA, now knowns as Impact Wrestling (although they were also known as GFW in the interim, it's all very confusing I know).

In 2006, Matt Hardy was in the main event picture in TNA battling for the TNA World Championship. Hardy won the title from Ethan Carter III but lost his title to Drew Galloway (now McIntyre once more in NXT).

Matt Hardy started battling with his brother Jeff and on a the April 16th edition of Impact Wrestling, the two took part in a no-DQ match which ended in a no-contest which resulted in Matt Hardy being taken away on a stretcher.

Over the next month, Jeff Hardy was attacked by a man called dressed as The Charismatic Enigma's alter-ego, Willow. Matt was eventually revealed to be the attacker and it was on between the two.

Over the next few weeks, Matt Hardy evolved into a Broken character who spoke in a new speech pattern using his iconic accent which is an amalgamation of several dialects. Hence, the Broken Matt character was born.

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