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6 of the worst moments of WWE in 2017

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The 'horrific' weapon of destruction

Where there's good, there will be bad. Where there is a 'This is awesome' chant, there has to be a 'You Suck' chant. And we're not talking about the Kurt Angle kind.

As 2018 begins, we take a look at the moments which made us question if the WWE creative was on a leave when these moments happened. Here's are the six worst moments of WWE in 2017:

#6 Randy Orton-Bray Wyatt feud

This is the perfect example of a good feud gone wrong due to terrible matches and bad booking. On paper, Randy Orton vs Bray Wyatt sounded like a good feud that could keep the audience engaged for a couple of months.The paper to practical conversion didn't quite work out here though.

First off, the rivalry was fraught with terrible matches. The WrestleMania 33 match for the WWE championship seemed outdated and an all-out bore-fest. The VFX insects and creepy crawlies weren't even able to incite disgust, much less fear.

It seemed funny rather than believable that The Apex Predator fell for it multiple times. That wasn't all of the terrible ideas for the feud though. It saw the dawn of the first 'House of Horrors' match -- an inane stipulation executed horribly. In an era of excellent horro content, we don't think the match managed to make anybody uncomfortable. Despite the house being decked with creepy dolls and torture devices, Randy and Bray ended up fighting in a kitchen with pots and pans.

The most 'horrifying' weapon used during the entire match was a refrigerator. The bout ended with an unnecessary interference from Jinder Mahal and The Singh Brothers, robbing Bray Wyatt from any legitimacy he might have gained from winning the match clean.

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