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6 Wrestlers who need to up their game

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Enzo Amore
Enzo Amore

Sometimes, no matter how hard a promotion or creative team tries, a wrestler just can't resonate with the audience.

Maybe they're boring or have no charisma, or just don't have much athletic ability. Or maybe they used to be interesting but now have become stale and bland. Then there are the wrestlers who should be over with the crowd but aren't.

Here are wrestlers who need to change up their game, their gimmick, or both.

#6 Titus O'Neil

Titus O'Neil
Titus O'Neil

Whether it's with the Prime Time Players or as the head of Titus International, there's something about Titus O'Neil that just isn't clicking.

Titus doesn't have a very deep repertoire, and in spite of being huge, he seems quite limited in his movement in the ring.

The only time social media cared about Titus was when he controversially grabbed Vince McMahon and was subsequently suspended for it. From all the support he received, you can tell there's hope for him yet; after all, if fans didn't at least have some emotional investment in him he wouldn't have received a groundswell of support.

What he needs to work on: Titus is big, but he needs to work on expanding his repertoire in the ring and possibly consider Crossfit training to gain some agility. He could also use some work on his promo cutting ability, but he is improving in this regard.

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