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6 WWE Superstars who desperately need new entrance music

Pratyay Ghosh
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Seth Rollins could use with a change-up in his entrance music

Entrance themes are as important in professional wrestling as signature moves. They help a wrestler stand out to fans and give them their own distinct identity.

An entrance theme is the first impression a wrestler has on the audience and over time, can be used to manipulate the emotions and feelings of the audience like the sound of the glass breaking at the beginning of Stone Cold’s theme.

There are iconic themes that are forever intertwined with the respective wrestlers like Kurt Angle’s iconic entrance or Hulk Hogan’s ‘Real American’.

For every good entrance theme, there are countless others that diminish the image of the Superstar they represent. These can be for countless reasons ranging from not going with the Superstar’s character to being downright generic.

Today I look at 6 superstars who need to revamp their entrance music.

#6 AJ Styles

Aj Styles’ in-ring persona has a clear disconnect with his entrance music

In short, AJ Styles’ new WWE theme song doesn’t suit him at all, especially now that he has turned heel. Hip-hop and AJ’s character don’t really go together and his entrance theme contains the words “farmers’ strength”.

What does that have to with anything?

AJ needs high energy music that screams badassery and suits the high energy wrestling style that he brings to the ring every time. We just need to take one look at AJ’s New Japan theme to understand what would be perfect for him.

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