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Is WrestleMania 34 shaping up to be one of the worst ever?

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Please no
WrestleMania 34 isn't shaping up very well

Admittedly, the title is designed to be a bit hyperbolic. It's still very early. With the exception of one match, these possibilities are more the doodles on an Etch a Sketch rather than set in stone. The trend could be shaken up easily at any moment.

Yet, now's the time when WrestleMania plans begin to take shape, and given what we've seen so far, the signs aren't encouraging. Far from a triumph, if the card shapes up as below, we could get a repeat of the WrestleMania 32 trainwreck.

Main Event: Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar WrestleMania 34
The sequel few want to see

This match is far from a secret. Unless illness or injury intervenes (after TLC, I guess we should never say never), it's been set in stone as the main event ever since Goldberg took the Universal Championship off of Kevin Owens, and few are excited about it.

In its defence, the WrestleMania 31 encounter between these two was far better than most people expected. It was a brawl that saw blood which added to its intensity, yet this time around, there won't be one crucial ingredient — a Money in the Bank cash in from Seth Rollins that electrified the crowd.

This match is supposed to be another coronation for Roman Reigns, but it already feels like an inevitability, a routine going through of the motions rather than an exciting and climactic payoff to genuinely look forward to.

In addition, if this winds up being Brock Lesnar's last match, he might well just phone it in, leaving us with a clunker of not much more than suplexes, F5s, spears, and Superman Punches with a lot of finisher kick outs to prove how strong Roman is. Let's hope that Dana White is correct in that Brock Lesnar's contract isn't up the next day. Maybe he'll try to put on a show.

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