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7 Missed moments from Cena vs Reigns -- No Mercy 2017

The instances from the Cena-Reigns encounter in No Mercy that needs your attention.
The instances from the Cena-Reigns encounter in No Mercy that needs your attention.
Punit Kanuga
Modified 28 Sep 2017
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After weeks of build-up, finally, it was show time for John Cena and Roman Reigns at No Mercy 2017. John Cena accused Roman Reigns of being a corporately created version of him, whereas Roman Reigns believed that John Cena was just a part-timer and that his day in the sun was over.

This match turned out to be a much better treat than the main event. However, there were various moments which were missed by wrestling fans around the globe.

A few moments reminded us of past WWE matches, whereas few others indicated towards plausible future ones.

#1 Cena released STF Lock

Thats not what we paid to see
Well, this was unexpected

Halfway through the match, John Cena locked Roman Reigns into STF, his signature submission manoeuvre. As Roman Reigns desperately tried to reach the bottom rope, Cena dragged him back to the centre and locked him again. It was clear that Roman Reigns had nowhere to go and we expected "The Big Dog" to dig deep and power out of the STF.

Ironically, it was John Cena who released the lock to let the match continue.

It was visible for fans to see Cena actually lift his left leg to let Roman Reigns get loose so he could break the hold. However, it was hidden with a well-placed camera position.


John Cena had his left leg pressing over Roman Reigns' leg. The STF bends the opponent's knee enabling him to reach towards ropes to break this hold. The amount of pressure it puts on the back makes crawling tougher for the person locked inside. Here is another angle.

A bent knee lifting a pressing leg
A bent knee lifting a pressing leg

It looked like Cena got the hold locked in a far better way than anticipated forcing him to help Roman Reigns to break the STF.

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Published 26 Sep 2017, 17:50 IST
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