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7 Mistakes WWE Made At WrestleMania 35

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08 Apr 2019, 23:48 IST

Many missed opportunities, and mistakes were lingering at Wrestlemania.
Many missed opportunities, and mistakes were lingering at Wrestlemania.

WrestleMania 35 is now in the history books, as this event gave fans what they wanted, and that was a plethora of new megastars rising to the top of WWE. From Kofi Kingston realizing his dream of becoming the new WWE Champion to Seth Rollins overcoming Brock Lesnar in his shocking manner, this was a fan's dream Wrestlemania.

But with every good decision that WWE made, they had to go and make two more bad decisions that ruined the flow of the show.

If WWE just avoided most of the mistakes that stuck out at the event like a sore thumb, viewers could have had a much better experience, as it is hard to sit through almost seven hours of wrestling, and when the booking isn't up to standard things just get more uninteresting for the fans.

So let us go through each mistake WWE made at WrestleMania and how they could have avoided it.

#7 Not Using The Platform To Boost A Star

Carmella did not need this win.
Carmella did not need this win.

The Women's Battle Royal is somewhat like the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal; its purpose is solely to get all of the women's wrestlers on the biggest show of the year, but if this match does accomplish something it should be giving a chance to the most promising breakout star in the women's division this year.

So did we see that at WrestleMania? Well, we did see a babyface win, but it was not the superstar WWE should have chosen, as that should have been someone who has the most promise, and that is certainly not Camella. Carmella is a great talent, as she has shown promise in the ring and on the mic, but in the ever-changing landscape of women wrestling, Carmella won't use this victory to move forward.

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