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7 things you should know about former WWE Superstar Darren Young aka Fred Rosser 

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Darren Young taking on CM Punk in the ring
Darren Young taking on CM Punk in the ring

Darren Young has been one of the more prominent WWE Superstars of the last decade. Although he has not officially been a part of WWE for the last few years, the impact that he left on the roster and on the wrestling business altogether has been quite significant.

During his time in the company, he was also the first-ever wrestler to come out as gay while working for WWE. The example he set for other wrestlers and the confidence he displayed by making such an announcement showcases only part of his importance in the wrestling world.

Young had an amazing time working for WWE as well, with the company accepting him for who he was. During his time with WWE, he held the Tag Team Championships with Titus O'Neil as part of the Prime Time Players. He was also part of the Nexus, in what was one of the most exciting storylines in the company.

Recently, Darren Young aka Fred Rosser launched his new podcast with Sportskeeda's Korey Gunz, The Rosser Rewind. In this article, we are going to take a look at several intriguing and interesting facts that Darren Young revealed about himself, Titus O'Neil, Vince McMahon, and WWE's backstage scene on the podcast. He tells stories about their relationship with Vince McMahon, the time Titus O'Neil was suspended, Titus almost getting fired, Steve Austin's reaction to Darren Young bringing his partner backstage and more!

Without any further ado, let's get into it!

#7 Darren Young was not happy during his NXT run

Darren Young was not comfortable at all during his NXT run. He was an NXT original and part of the wrestling roster when there were not regular matches and it was more like a reality show, with Superstars running obstacle courses. He said recently on The Rosser Rewind, that he felt that he did not have any talents and he could not do any of the things back then, and to him, the entire situation was a nightmare.

However, he said that if he could be in NXT now, he would like nothing better than that, saying that Nexus could reunite and return to NXT one more time.

"Well, you know, you kind of have to look at how the original Nexus was booked. I always talk about NXT. When NXT first started, I was an original. I started NXT when we were doing obstacle courses. I can’t juggle and can’t run with the barrel. I don’t have a special hidden talent. So the NXT of old, I mean, I was terrible at, and it took me that much longer for the fans to get behind me because of my original NXT experience. I wasn’t comfortable, I would have nightmares, I would literally have nightmares when those yellow ropes would be getting put on for TV. But now, when you look at NXT now, I wish I could have debuted like now, you know what I mean?
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