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7 WWE friendships that were broken beyond repair

Never mess with a  relationship.
Daniel Massey
Modified 01 Jun 2017
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Wrestling is not a business to be in if you want to make both money and friends. It is quite often the case that it’s one or the other. Obviously, there are exceptions to the rule but the more successfully you become, the harder it is to remember where you came from, and the harder it is to stay humble.

Not only that but with a female division joining the roster on the road, a lot of sexual tension flows through the locker room, and the wrestlers are only human and end up getting it on now and then. Sometimes it even accidentally makes it online for all to see.

All the backstage politics are hard to avoid, and they all now become common knowledge within a few hours. This means we know who are friends, we know who are enemies, and we know all the juicy details that go with it.

This article takes a look at 7 friendships that were completely ruined due to one reason or another. It’s often quite sobering to see that wrestlers are human just the same as the rest of us. They make bonds and those bonds get broken.

Let’s get started with the Straight Edge Saviour and the Charismatic Enigma.

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#7 Jeff Hardy and CM Punk

Polar opposites

I think it’s fair to say that although they have never been the absolute best of friends, they would have been perfectly civil to each other before they started feuding. Unfortunately, due to the blurring of lines between scripted drama and reality, it’s unlikely CM Punk and Jeff Hardy will ever speak again.

CM Punk is a straight edge wrestler who is completely against drugs and alcohol and leads a completely clean life. Jeff Hardy, on the other hand, likes to party and sometimes his use of drugs and other addictions have got in the way of his career.

When the two superstars were on SmackDown together back in 2009, they exchanged verbal blows that went beyond a professional rivalry and started getting personal. CM Punk, in particular, was guilty of this as he referenced Hardy’s drug use as well as him being arrested during his time in WWE.

Jeff Hardy has been less than complementary about Punk too, calling him out for being judgemental purely because of their different lifestyles. Jeff Hardy left the company in 2009, and by the time he returned in 2017, CM Punk was long gone.

I can’t see the two men being friends again anytime soon.

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Published 31 May 2017, 23:46 IST
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