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7 WWE Women Superstars’ mugshots that you might not have seen before

We take a look at 7 female superstars who got on the wrong side of the law.

Top 5 / Top 10 22 Apr 2017, 20:16 IST
Emma is one of several female Superstars with a mugshot

There are a lot of WWE Superstars that have had run-ins with the law. Sometimes, it can cause real issues with their careers, resulting in dropped pushes and sometimes even leading to suspensions or releases.

The problem with the dirt-sheet culture nowadays is that you are more in the public eye than ever before and sooner than later, your mugshot from that fateful night will end up online, and every little detail of what happened will be documented.

Sometimes though, it can be a result of being out of the spotlight, and following the release from WWE, a wrestler’s life can take a dodgy turn.

I think this will become less likely as the Superstars are now much more looked after than they used to be. The need to dull the pain with alcohol and painkillers is long gone, and it should result in fewer incidents following the retirement of the current crop of WWE Superstars.

Whether it be a D.U.I, drug possession or even assault, nothing is secret when it comes to being arrested and detained. More famous mugshots include Roman Reigns, Kurt Angle and Matt Hardy.

However, it’s not just the male roster that has been in trouble with the law. The female Superstars, past and present, of WWE have also had their mugshots plastered all over the Internet.

This article will explore 7 mugshots you may not have seen before as well as the story behind them.

#7 Lita

Lita’s mugshot

Luckily, this was not to do with alcohol or drugs or even violence. Lita, the former 4-time WWE Women’s Champion, was arrested in 2011 for driving with a suspended license and speeding. Her bail was set at $2,200.

It was nothing too serious, and it all seems to have ironed itself out.

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Luckily, the former Diva has not let this hold her back, and she was frequently featured on WWE programming throughout 2016 and made her in-ring return on the independent scene in March of 2017.

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