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8 booking mistakes WWE must avoid at Survivor Series 2017

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Survivor Series 2017 poster
An awesome lineup, but bad booking could still ruin it all.

WWE seems to have put a lot of effort into making Survivor Series work so far, transforming a decidedly lacklustre card into one that should easily make for the best pay per view of the year. Fans are rightly excited, but WWE has a long history of taking something that should have been great and making it less than it could have been, so caution is required. Bad booking can undermine even what should have been the greatest of matches on paper.

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While obvious booking decisions like Enzo Amore retaining the Cruiserweight Championship and the Shield going over the New Day are almost certainly assured, others are dicier. To make the most out of what should be a great pay per view, WWE must avoid making the following errors.

Mistake 1: The Usos Losing

The Usos Survivor Series
The Usos Penitentiary should get more inmates this Sunday.

The Usos have been one of the best acts in WWE all year long and certainly the greatest tag team. Their fantastic feud with the New Day single-handedly carried SmackDown during its darkest months this summer.

While the Bar (Sheamus and Cesaro) are a great team in their own right and could certainly use some momentum given the thin state of Raw's tag team division, a victory for the Usos here would cement their place as the year's most formidable tag team, a spot they've earned. It would elevate the titles they hold even more and make what's already a hot tag team division on SmackDown even more so.

Raw's tag team division is in need of a great rebuilding and a mere victory by the Bar here won't help to solve its long-term problems.

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