8 NXT Superstars who could be promoted in the 2022 WWE Draft

Numerous WWE NXT stars are ready to join the main roster
Numerous WWE NXT stars are ready to join the main roster
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Each year, the WWE Universe wonders which NXT stars will join the main roster. The call-ups usually happen about three times a year. Stars are sometimes called up to the main roster around Royal Rumble, following WrestleMania, and can often be included in the WWE Draft.

According to reports, WWE will hold a draft in September. If the information is correct, NXT call-ups will happen in about three months. In professional wrestling, three months will fly by.

The question then arises as to who will jump from NXT to RAW and SmackDown as NXT and NXT UK are full of talent. There are wrestlers with varying levels of experience, ability, and size. Still, some developmental superstars are more ready than others for the big time.

Below are eight NXT Superstars who could be promoted in the 2022 WWE Draft.

#8. Gigi Dolin & #7. Jacy Jayne & #6. Mandy Rose's Toxic Attraction can make an impact

Toxic Attraction is a faction on NXT consisting of Mandy Rose, Gigi Dolin, and Jacy Jayne. Rose is currently the brand's Women's Champion, while Dolin and Jayne hold the Women's Tag Team Titles.

Mandy was the only one of the trio to previously be a part of the main roster. Gigi and Jacy would be new to either WWE RAW or SmackDown. The pair with this new ruthless version of Rose would help freshen things up considerably.

A powerful female stable would stand out on the main roster. While there have been some groups before, they are less common than their male counterparts. Plus, the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship needs contenders, and Toxic Attraction could step up on that occasion.

#5. Grayson Waller has appeared on RAW before

Grayson Waller
Grayson Waller

Grayson Waller is a controversial superstar. He very well may be the most confident star in all of NXT, which is saying something as the brand is littered with upstarts.

He's also no stranger to the main roster. While Waller hasn't yet competed on Friday Night SmackDown or Monday Night RAW, he has appeared on the latter show before. While engaged in a feud with the red brand's AJ Styles, Grayson appeared a few times.

Like him or not, Waller is very talented in the ring. He has a star presence and can talk. Grayson Waller is a tremendous athlete who might be drafted later this year.

#4. Cruz Del Toro & #3. Joaquin Wilde & #2. Santos Escobar - Legado del Fantasma are ready

Toxic Attraction isn't the only trio ready for the main roster. Legado del Fantasma is ready for the big time. The stable consists of Santos Escobar, Joaquin Wilde, and Cruz Del Toro. The latter was previously known as Raul Mendoza before his recent name change.

In the ring, all three men deliver better than most stars. This includes both NXT and the main roster. Santos Escobar does an excellent job on the mic. He also carries a powerful aura that is difficult to replicate. He's a talented star with plenty of charisma. It comes across so well on camera because he knows it.

The group can still do more on the developmental brand. Santos could challenge for the NXT Championship. Cruz and Wilde could have a tag title run. Still, they are ready to make an impact elsewhere. Perhaps a feud between Legado and The Mysterios could happen.

#1. Bron Breakker is the future of WWE

Ciampa and Bron Breakker
Ciampa and Bron Breakker

Bron Breakker is ready to breakout. He is the son of the legendary Rick Steiner and nephew of former WCW Champion Scott Steiner. Yet, he may end up having a bigger career than both. The young superstar has arguably more potential than many in the industry today.

Breakker is already a two-time WWE NXT Champion and has dominated the brand for the past nine months since his debut. He's defended his title several times and will likely continue to do so.

Beyond his NXT success, Bron has competed on Monday Night RAW multiple times. He's teamed up with Ciampa before The Blackheart was officially called up. Breakker also defeated Dolph Ziggler for his second NXT Championship on the RAW after WrestleMania. It isn't a matter of if he'll be called up, but it's a matter of when.

As of now, no official date has been announced for the 2022 WWE Draft. The WWE Universe can't wait to see what direction these stars take. Speaking of directions, click here to read about possible directions for Ricochet following his title loss.

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