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7 Wrestlers who should leave WWE in the next 2 years

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Is Ziggler done showing off?
Is Ziggler done showing off?

The WWE landscape has changed a lot over the last few years. Wrestlers are no longer solely homegrown, as the company has hired talent that has competed on the independent circuit all around the globe. This wasn't a possibility a few years ago. This influx of talent from all over the world, coupled with the up-and-coming talent in NXT has resulted in a more talented, yet crowded WWE roster than ever before.

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The packed roster is both a blessing and a curse, as a lot of talent does not receive the spotlight it deserves. However, there are also other cases where Superstars have achieved everything they can in the WWE and there is just really no moving forward for them. Perhaps leaving the company and seeking greener pastures for a career renaissance or calling it a day altogether is a viable option. Let's check out the 7 wrestlers who should leave WWE in the next 2 years.

#7 Dolph Ziggler


Dolph Ziggler has been grinding his wheels in the WWE for a long time now. He hasn't been at the centre of a storyline since his battle with The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship on Smackdown Live. He's been stuck in place for years now, his promos are all largely based on the same thing; about how he's not given the opportunities or limelight he deserves. Regardless of the truth in those promos, it is highly unlikely that Ziggler is going to move any further up the card for the remainder of his WWE career.

Ziggler appears to be fed up with his treatment in the company and the X-factor in his performances is gone. His recent team-up with Drew McIntyre has him acting enthusiastic, but it's highly unlikely that he is truly enthusiastic, as the team exists to push McIntyre up the card, while Ziggler remains stuck in place.

Ziggler's discontent with the company has been well-documented in the past and he has other avenues to pursue outside wrestling; stand-up comedy and acting. Within the next couple of years, Ziggler will probably realize he is done with the WWE and will leave.

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