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A look back at 5 previous WWE Raw 'Reunion' episodes

  • Before we watch Raw Reunion, let's look at 5 previous nostalgia shows WWE gave us.
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Modified 20 Dec 2019, 23:53 IST

Raw Reunion
Raw Reunion

This Monday, WWE is bringing back some familiar names and legendary Superstars for a huge "Raw Reunion" special. While it's clearly a Hail Mary play to bump up the ratings of the show, the fact of the matter is that these kinds of episodes are always really a lot of fun.

This may be the "biggest Raw reunion ever", but it's certainly not the first. So, we thought it would be fun to turn back the clock along with WWE and look at five previous other episodes of Raw that revolved around classic returning Superstars.

Some of these are special anniversary episodes, and some of them are "Old School Raw" episodes. But they all have plenty of big names from the company's past coming by to, you know, do their thing. If anything, it's one way to kind of determine how Monday's "Raw Reunion" is going to go.

I mean, not really, but this should be pretty fun anyway.

Oh, also, we're not including episodes that feature a retirement celebration, like the ones for Ric Flair or Edge, not any episodes where a Superstar passed away and former Superstars may have shown up to share memories of them. Not only is that too easy but, man, that's also pretty depressing, too.

Finally, and of course, this isn't the definitive, exhaustive list of these episodes. In fact, if you can think of an episode of this style we didn't include, well just pop on down to the comments section and show us the error of our ways, why don't you? Or share with us what your favorite "reunion" episode or moment is.

(For the record, mine is when Jake "The Snake" Roberts draped a big honkin' python on then-heel Dean Ambrose of The Shield during Old School Raw 2014, who couldn't keep himself from smiling because it was such an awesome moment).

#5 October 3rd, 2005 - Raw Homecoming

The night Raw returned to the USA Network
The night Raw returned to the USA Network

For years, as they do now, WWE aired their programming in the U.S. on the USA cable network, first airing WWE Prime Time Wrestling on Monday nights, and then debuting Monday Night Raw, their first live weekly series. Then, something happened, and WWE moved their programming to TNN - a channel that originally aired programming based on Country music called The Nashville Network and is now The Paramount Network.

However, this only lasted a few years and, eventually - actually, on October 3rd, 2005, to be precise - Raw returned to the USA Network, and boy, did they make a big to-do about it.

The show opened up with a segment of Piper's Pit featuring WWE Hall of Famers Mick Foley and "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, and eventually included Randy Orton and his father, another WWE Legend, "Cowboy" Bob Orton. Other legends who appeared on the show included Harley Race, Dusty Rhodes, Jimmy Hart, Jimmy Snuka, Koko B. Ware, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Dr Death Steve Williams, Nikolai Volkoff, and a ton of other legends introduced throughout the night (h/t to WrestleZone for the old school results).

The episode also included a 30-minute Iron Man match between Shawn Michaels and Kurt Angle that ended in a draw. It also featured Stone Cold Steve Austin hitting the Stunner on all four members of the McMahon family (yes, even Linda) and some other classic moments. Ans some not so classic ones.

Of course, you can watch it on the WWE Network, and here's the opening of the episode.

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Published 22 Jul 2019, 14:30 IST
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