AEW Dynamite Results: 2 former WWE Superstars debut, Huge main event

Matt Hardy makes his AEW Debut
Matt Hardy makes his AEW Debut

Even though this week's episode of AEW Dynamite had to take place behind closed doors, it was an immense show - one of the best so far. We got two massive debuts tonight as well as a six-man main event with big consequences. Read on for full results.

Cody, Matt Jackson, and Kenny Omega kick off Dynamite

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Dynamite started off with Cody, Matt Jackson, and Kenny Omega coming down to the ring. Cody addressed how everyone has been living in fear recently thanks to the global pandemic. Cody added that everyone needed to stay informed and stay safe. He went on to address Matt Jackson, who's brother Nick was taken out by The Inner Circle on last week's show.

Cody told Matt Jackson that he needed to set his differences with Hangman Page aside Cody then told Page that he was one of the most important members of The Elite.

Omega then spoke up saying that he was not even sure if Dynamite would be taking place next week.

Hangman Page then appeared on the ramp but he didn't say much before walking away again.

Lucha Bros vs Best Friends

Fenix and Trent started the match off for their respective teams. Both men went back and forth, trading strikes. Trent looked to hit a double knee strike and brought Fenix down. Trent and Chuck briefly isolated Fenix and worked to wear him down further.

Fenix broke out and finally tagged in his partner. Pentagon came in hot, dishing out multiple superkicks. Orange Cassidy, who was on commentary for the match, managed to catch Pentagon's attention. Trent took him out with a dive while he was distracted.

Fenix and Pentagon went after Trent, trapping him in their corner. Trent hit an armdrag to tag in Chuckie T.

The Best Friends went for a hug but instead chose to bump elbows instead. Pentagon and Fenix capitalized on this opening and hit a double superkick to both men.

Orange Cassidy got involved at this point but didn't create much of a difference. Pentagon and Fenix hit Trent with the Double Stomp/Piledriver combo to leave with the win.

Lucha Bros def. Best Friends

Penelope Ford vs Hikaru Shida vs Riho vs Kris Statlander

Riho and Ford went right after one another as Riho was dumped out of the ring. Statlander and Shida took advantage and went to hit Ford with a double suplex. Kip Sabian was at ringside for this match and tried to get involved, leading to Shida and Statlander hitting him with multiple forearms.

Riho followed this up with a crossbody from the top rope, taking out the other three women in the match. Statlander put Riho in the corner soon after this but was taken out herself by Shida. Shida ended up suplexing Statlander into Riho. Shida tried to follow it up with a double suplex to Ford and Riho but they reversed it.

The finish saw Shida hit Penelope Ford with a Falcon Arrow for a nearfall. Shida immediately followed it up with a running knee strike for the win.

Hikaru Shida wins

We got a brief interview with Jon Moxley who still wasn't medically cleared to get into the building. Moxley said he would be there at Blood and Guts and that he would see The Inner Circle soon.

Jurassic Express vs The Butcher and The Blade

Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy were at the top of their game tonight. Jungle Boy and Blade started things off, with the quicker Jungle Boy getting the upper hand early. Jungle Boy followed it up with some quick offense.

Butcher tagged in and flattened Jungle Boy. Butcher and Blade traded tags working on him. Jungle Boy tried to desperately fight back with knife-edge chops but he was taken out by Butcher.

Jungle Boy came close to tagging out but was stopped by Butcher. He ended up hitting Butcher with a boot before finally tagging Luchasaurus in. Luchasaurus came in like a house on fire, dishing out kicks followed by his standing moonsault.

Jungle Boy took out Blade while Luchasaurus and Butcher continued to hammer each other.

The finish saw MJF trying to get involved from ringside to help out Butcher and Blade but it backfired. Luchasaurus broke out of Butcher's finisher, and threw him out to ringside and then a double cutter to Blade for the win.

Jurassic Express def. The Butcher and The Blade

The Exalted One debuts in All Elite Wrestling

Who is The Exalted One?
Who is The Exalted One?

Evil Uno and Stu Grayson of The Dark Order were out next. For weeks, The Dark Order has been teasing the coming of The Exalted One. Uno said that the coming of The Exalted One was close and people would finally see what he saw.

Kazarian and Daniels were at ringside and the jumped the barricade and took a mic. Daniels told Uno that in his opinion, there was no Exalted One, before adding that The Dark Order hadn't helped anyone become better.

The Exalted One's video hit the screen at this time and although most fans expected Matt Hardy to be the guy, it turned out to be another former WWE Superstar - Brodie Lee fka Luke Harper.

In the video package, Lee warned Daniels that he wasn't the first "out of touch old man" who didn't believe in him.

When the action cut back to the ring, Lee was there and he took out Daniels with a discus clothesline while the other Dark Order members took out Frankie Kazarian before walking away.

There was also a video package demonstrating Lance Archer getting ready for his debut.

Inner Circle vs The Elite (winner gets the advantage in Blood and Guts)

Santana, Ortiz, and Jake Hager wrestled for The Inner Circle tonight while Le Champion was on commentary. The Elite were represented by Cody, Matt Jackson, and Hangman Page.

The Inner Circle dominated large stretches on this match, systematically wearing down The Elite. Cody and Santana started things off. A strong start from Cody was cut off soon as Ortiz tagged in. Ortiz was all over Cody as Hangman Page was desperate to get in the match.

Page finally tagged in and hit a massive boot. He wasn't in for long as Cody tagged himself in again. Page looked a little frustrated as The Inner Circle overpowered Cody again.

Hangman soon tagged himself back in and he absolutely exploded, taking out all three Inner Circle members who were in the match. Page followed it up with a beautiful Fallaway Slam. Cody hit a suicide dive out to ringside and we saw Wardlow, who was in the crowd area, get in his face.

Matt Jackson got the blind tag in on Page as Hager pulled Page out of the ring. Jackson and Page tried to hit Santana with the Indytaker after this, but Hager was pulled off the apron. Santana rolled Jackson up for the win. Another massive win for the Inner Circle.

The Inner Circle def. The Elite

As Chris Jericho was cutting a promo on The Elite after the match, we heard a buzzing sound and then saw Vanguard 1 land in the middle of the ring. We then saw Matt Hardy, making his AEW debut, on the balcony.

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