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AEW News: Top Superstar compares WWE to a prison

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Vince McMahon
Vince McMahon

What's the story?

All Elite Wrestling Superstar Dustin Rhodes recently answered a bunch of questions in a post-Starrcast Q&A session.

While talking about his WWE exit, Rhodes stated that WWE is like "one of those prisons where they take good care of you".

In case you didn't know...

After WrestleMania 35 was done and dusted with, Dustin Rhodes, formerly known as Goldust in WWE, requested his release from the company. The same was granted and he headed to AEW to reunite with his brother, Cody Rhodes. Reports suggested that Mr. McMahon didn't want to grant Rhodes his release, but Triple H convinced him to do so.

Dustin and Cody faced off in a bloody brawl at AEW's first show, Double Or Nothing, with Cody coming out on top in the end. After the match, Cody asked Dustin to be his tag team partner against The Young Bucks, and the brothers embraced to a chorus of cheers. Dustin had previously sent a scathing warning to Vince McMahon, right after Double Or Nothing.

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The heart of the matter

While speaking with Inside The Ropes’ Kenny McIntosh, Rhodes touched on the topic of his WWE exit and went on to say that the company is like a prison. He added that he had been with WWE for a very long time, and although they were nice to him, he had lost his passion.

"I wanted out, and it was hard to get out. It’s like prison, it really is. It’s one of the prisons where they take good care of you, but I needed to go do something else, man. I’d been there for so long. They had taken good care of me, but I needed to get out and breathe and find my passion again."

What's next?

Rhodes will team up with Cody to take on The Young Bucks at AEW Fight for the Fallen.

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