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AEW Rumors: Cody vs Chris Jericho match almost ended earlier than planned finish

Karan Bedi
Modified 21 Dec 2019, 00:59 IST

This almost didn
This almost didn't happen

If anything, Cody vs Chris Jericho was the match of the night at AEW Full Gear. It had emotion, intrigue and hard hitting action. The finish to the match was excellent with MJF throwing in the towel and then turning heel, but according to Mike Johnson of PWInsider, this almost didn't happen.

Who won the match between Cody and Chris Jericho at AEW Full Gear?

As many in the arena witnessed the action in the ring, Cody Rhodes and Chris Jericho put on a solid match that was worth the hype surrounding it. The build up to this match was excellent all the way around and the audience was invested in it.

The two men went back and forth as neither let up in the match. There were memorable spots with even Cody's mother getting involved when she slapped Jericho across the face. Cody Rhodes even paid homage to his father by hitting the Bionic Elbow on Jericho, though it only garnered a two-count.

Eventually, Jericho trapped Cody in the Liontamer and actually used his knee to stomp Cody in the head. The pain proved unbearable for MJF who threw the towel in. MJF was remorseful for his actions, but this turned out to be a ruse with MJF turning heel and giving Cody a low blow.

Why was the Cody vs Jericho match almost stopped early?

According to PWInsider's report, Cody's suicide dive with him landing on the ramp busted him open. The bump was harder than planned and Cody's blood was visible over his right eye. Dr. Michael Sampson checked with Cody and felt he was good to continue.


This was an interesting tidbit coming out of the match. If anything, this information actually aids the actual end of the match with MJF throwing the towel in. At the same time, wrestlers are constantly taking risks and it's important that their safety should be taken into consideration.

What's more is that AEW will now actually get a blown version of Heel MJF and his promo, assuming he gets one, on AEW Dynamite will be electric to say the least.

Published 10 Nov 2019, 21:54 IST
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