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AEW's Chris Jericho talks the difference between him and WWE Hall of Famer 

Karan Bedi
09 Nov 2019, 10:16 IST

NWO's Hogan or Inner Circle's Jericho
NWO's Hogan or Inner Circle's Jericho

Chris Jericho sat down with Sports Illustrated to discuss all things AEW, his career as well as a preview of his upcoming match with Cody.

Justin Barrasso steered the conversation towards the Inner Circle and NWO and also speaking of the similarities between Jericho and NWO Hollywood Hulk Hogan. Jericho said that he and Hogan both knew how to get heel heat but his in-ring work was superior.

What's the difference between The Inner Circle and NWO?

While The Inner Circle is probably the hottest heel faction in professional wrestling now, there are differences between them and NWO. Jericho explains that NWO were legitatmate big stars while Inner Circle is made up of 4 young guys and him as the veteran. He further said:

"The NWO worked because Hogan was the catalyst, but the original crux of NWO was made of big name, legit stars. You had Hall and Nash, who were huge stars in their own right, and Hogan, who, at the time, was the biggest name in the business. The difference with us in The Inner Circle is, it’s Jericho and four young guys that haven’t yet reached their potential as main event stars."

What's the difference between AEW Chris Jericho and NWO Hollywood Hogan?

Chris Jericho said that Hogan was very good at playing the heel, but he was never a great in-ring performer. Jericho also said that unlike Hogan, he was a great performer and a good worker. He further elaborated:

"Hulk definitely played the heel, as I do, but the difference is I can still have great matches, too. Any given night, a Jericho match can be considered the best match of the night. So that’s another difference—Hogan was never known as a great performer in the ring; he knew how to get the audience.
"He was a great worker. Jericho is a great worker and a great wrestler, combined with knowing how to get that heat and get guys over.There is some NWO in there, which happens any time you put together a heel faction."

Jericho also said that in terms of heel heat, both he and Hogan were very good at that. Moreover, he said that while the NWO was huge with the audience, their matches in the ring were never that great.

"Any comparisons between Jericho and Hulk Hogan in the NWO begin and end with knowing how to get heel heat. In the ring, it’s a different story. That was one of the things that was great, and not so great, about WCW. The NWO was so huge and made so much money, but whenever it came down to the actual matches in the ring, they were never that great.
"I think everyone could see that, even Hogan and Piper and the other guys, as well. We can go out there and have great matches, and get the heat—and get guys over. It’s very beneficial for the company to have The Inner Circle."

Chris Jericho's claims are a little controversial, but he's not wrong. Hollywood Hogan and the NWO were hot when they first came to be. But looking back, their promos and backstage antics were more over than the actual matches. To be clear, there were some exceptions, but largely, the group was entertaining and for good reason.

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