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AEW World Championship Match: Cody vs Chris Jericho, winners, video highlights, and analysis

Greg Bush
10 Nov 2019, 09:32 IST

Cody's one and only shot at the AEW World Championship
Cody's one and only shot at the AEW World Championship

Cody Rhodes has worked to prove himself both inside and outside of the ring. Now, sporting one of the best win-loss records in All Elite Wrestling, he finds himself in line for a title shot. Many have claimed that he's only here because of his position with the company. Because of that, Cody made a bold stipulation for tonight. If he loses, he'll never challenge for the AEW World Championship again.

Chris Jericho's Inner Circle and the Elite have been butting heads since the company kicked off at Double or Nothing earlier this year. Jericho has wins over both Kenny Omega and Adam Page, defeating the latter to become the inaugural (and youngest) AEW World Champion.

Tonight, the title will be defended under a sixty-minute time limit, with a draw going to the judges (Arn Anderson, Dean Malenko, The Great Muta).

AEW World Championship Match: Cody w/MJF vs Chris Jericho (c) w/Jake Hager

Chris Jericho rolled outside as the bell rang to try to hush the crowd. The champion moved in and out of the ring, only grappling with his challenger for a little while before escaping to drag this out more.

Cody responded to some knife-edge chops with his brother Dustin's patented drop down uppercut. Jericho rolled away from danger, moving to the judges' table where he stared down all three men, but specifically Dean Malenko.

A suicide dive sent Jericho spine first into the steel barrier. Back inside, a missile dropkick from the top took Le Champion down for a two-count. Cody worked over Jericho's right arm, hoping to lessen the effectiveness of the Judas Effect.

Jericho was launched onto the ramp, where he avoided a dive from Cody, which left the American Nightmare spiking himself face first on the steel. Jericho sat in the ring while Cody was checked on, as the cut continued to gush.

Cody was dumped outside while Jericho distracted the ref. MJF tried to get her to turn around, but it was in vain, and Hager rocked Cody with a right hand. Jericho spent some time to punish the youngest member of the Rhodes dynasty with stiff elbows to the forehead, where the blood emanated.


Cody fought out of an abdominal stretch, sending Jericho across the ring with a hip toss. It wasn't enough to get away from the Painmaker, as Jericho rushed in with a boot to the face. Cody was able to catch Jericho with the Diamond Cutter and nearly won the title then and there. From here, the American Nightmare emerged, as Cody reigned down on Jericho with clotheslines, fists, and a Disaster Kick, knocking the champ down to the floor below.

Cody's mother slapped Jericho across the face for getting in her face, allowing Cody to capitalize. Sending Jericho inside, he bounced Jericho off the mat with an Alabama Slam. A Figure-4-Leglock in the middle of the ring, with both men rolling back and forth to try and swap the pressure.

Jake Hager rocked Cody with several punches while the ref's back was turned. However, Aubrey Edwards still decided to send him to the back, knowing that something had gone amiss. MJF taunted him, leading to Hager bouncing him off the barricade and apron.

Back inside, Jericho rocked Cody with the AEW World Championship. Once the ref came back inside, she counted the pin. Jericho only got a near fall. Cody stood up and caught the Judas Effect, planting Jericho with the Cross Rhodes. Jericho kicked out.

Cody nearly won the title off of Dusty's Bionic Elbow after his patented punching combination. As he came off for another Disaster Kick, Jericho caught him in mid-air with the Codebreaker. Cody kicked out at two again.

Jericho struck Cody with his weight belt, whipping him across the back. Moving to the top, Cody was caught in the Walls of Jericho as he went for a Hurricanrana. Jericho pulled him to the middle of the ring, but Cody was able to eventually reach the ropes. Cody was pelted with punches, hoping to re-open the cut.

When the ref pulled Jericho off, Le Champion tried to boss her around. Aubry didn't stand for it, shoving him into Cody, who rolled him up for a near fall. Jericho trapped Cody in the Liontamer after breaking out, and repeatedly stomped his head. Fearing for his friend's safety, MJF threw the towel.

Results: Chris Jericho defeated Cody via submission.

MJF sat in the ring with his best friend, who was barely able to move. He seemed to wonder if he made the right choice, as Jericho celebrated at the top of the ramp with the Inner Circle. Once Cody came too, he realized what happened. MJF pleaded with him, but the Baltimore crowd chanted "You Sold Out" as he teared up on his knees.

As Cody seemingly forgave him, MJF hit him with a low blow, then shoved him to the mat. It looks like, after all this time, MJF was only looking out for himself. Fans near the ramp threw beer and trash at MJF as he walked away.

Cody sat in the ring, without the title, and without his best friend.

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