Bayley reveals she "really wanted" 30-year-old former WWE Superstar to be a part of Damage CTRL

Bayley is the leader of the Damage CTRL faction on WWE RAW.
Bayley is the leader of the Damage CTRL faction on WWE RAW

Damage CTRL has been a problem for many WWE Superstars since their arrival. Bayley's faction debuted last year at SummerSlam 2022.

The heel faction surrounded Bianca Belair after a successful RAW Women's Championship defense over Becky Lynch, but The Man turned babyface and stood by The EST's side. Damage CTRL is still involved in a storyline with Becky Lynch and is scheduled for a huge match this Monday on WWE RAW.

Kai and SKY are set to defend the Women's Tag Team Championships against Lita and Becky tomorrow night on the red brand. Bayley will likely be ringside for the match and may attempt to interfere.

Speaking to BT Sport, Bayley disclosed that Damage CTRL originally wanted former WWE Superstar Peyton Royce and current SmackDown star Tegan Nox to be a part of the faction. Peyton and Billie Kay were known as The IIconics in the promotion and the two won the Women's Tag Team Championships at WrestleMania 35.

"Peyton Royce was someone that I really wanted in there. Tegan Nox was someone that I wanted in there. There were a lot of people that it just kind of changed throughout time and as people left the company and things like that, but Dakota was always, she's one of the OG's that I always envisioned in this group." [H/T: Wrestling News]

Bayley discloses what Damage CTRL was originally going to be called in WWE

Many fans were critical of Damage CTRL's name when it first debuted but have grown used to it over time. The group led by Bayley is now featured on a weekly basis on WWE RAW.

Bayley revealed to Ariel Helwani during their conversation that Damage CTRL wasn't always going to be the name for the faction. The 33-year-old said that she wanted the group to be called 'The Now' but it never came to be.

"My first original one, I wanted it to be called. 'The Now'. To me, it was that I didn't care about the championships I won in the past, I don't care about what happens next, like these girls right here and what we're about to do, the present is all that matters. The Now was my first idea, but there's a show called The Now or something like that. You know, it's just legal stuff." [H/T: Wrestling News]

Damage CTRL has held the Women's Tag Team Championships for 113 days now. Kai and SKY have a tall task ahead of them on Monday night and will have to defeat Lita and Becky Lynch to retain their titles on the Road to WrestleMania.

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