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Best and Worst of Raw - 13th February 2017

Heartbreak and triumph in this week's episode of Raw.

Raw began slow but peaked to a climax

On the eve of Valentine’s Day, a day for love and friendship, Raw came to us from the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Much like Elimination Chamber, it began slow and just when we were beginning to lose interest, it peaked one more time.

There was much to love about the show, there was much to dislike and there were also a lot of things that left us scratching our heads in confusion. In any case, as always, it’s time for our best and worst countdown of WWE’s flagship brand. Read on!

#1 Best: One of the best swerves in history

We never saw the betrayal from Owens coming

Yes, we’d all read the news reports. We knew that Jericho and Owens were on a collision course for Wrestlemania in Orlando. What we didn’t expect was for the split to happen in the manner we saw.

The much hyped ‘Festival of Friendship’ began on a comical note with silly gifts, and culminated with Gillberg.

When Kevin Owens unboxed his present, we presumed that something was amiss but did not anticipate the ‘ swerve’. Jericho will, very naturally, work great as a babyface against the dastardly Kevin Owens. Their Wrestlemania match will definitely be a barn burner.  

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