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Best and Worst of Raw - 30th January 2017

NXT legend makes his much anticipated main roster debut!

We finally got the Samoan we all wanted!

24 hours removed from a Royal Rumble that left most WWE fans underwhelmed, we come into Raw with the only advertised segment being a confrontation between Commissioner Stephanie McMahon and Seth Rollins.

Yeah, we were yawning too.

Thankfully, there were three unadvertised appearances that piqued our interest and in our estimation, managed to save the show. Live from the Laredo Energy Arena in Laredo, Texas, this was a show that impressed us at every single level.

Let’s go straight to the arena for our recap of this week’s Best and Worst of Raw.

#1 Best: Meet the destroyer

‘The Creator’ unleashed ‘The Destroyer’ upon the world this week

We got the wrong Samoan at the number 30 spot in the Royal Rumble in Roman Reigns. This week, as we geared up to see Seth Rollins and Triple H finally fight one another, the man who would interfere was the one that we all sought last night.

TNA legend Samoa Joe made his main roster debut, after a blistering run in NXT. We must admit we are thrilled to see him get his due. Especially considering that he’s accomplished everything and more in the developmental arena.

If this is leading to a feud between Samoa Joe and Seth Rollins, the quality of the matches are certain to be off the charts in every single way possible. Both men are exemplary workers and this is a dream feud in its own right.

Yet another brilliant touch by the WWE in this segment is that Triple H and Seth Rollins haven’t thrown a single punch at each other yet. This will probably be the case until they presumably have a big ticket Wrestlemania match, 62 days from now.

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