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Best and Worst of Smackdown - 13th December 2016

An impromptu title match, and two number 1 contenders crowned in this solid episode

These two incredible workers will tear the house down, very soon

While Raw has good weeks and bad ones, Smackdown continues to deliver. To be honest, we have very few gripes from this week’s show and several compliments for the brand in blue. Not only did storylines move along at quite a good pace, most of the matches in the show had stakes attached to them.

All in all, Smackdown Live proved why fans cheered for the brand over Raw, during the Survivor Series face off. Kudos to the creative team and in-ring roster for a good showing once again. Here’s what we liked and disliked from this week’s Smackdown episode. 

#1 Worst: Randy Orton breaking character

The many ‘Shooter’ ads killed any mystique he had

Randy Orton was stagnating in the main roster until he decided to become a Wyatt. This is one of the most interesting characters he's played in quite a while. As a Wyatt, we have many questions surrounding the decisions that he will make, and the path that he will follow.

However, this is 2016 and kayfabe is dead. All through this episode of Smackdown Live, The USA Network kept mentioning how Orton was a part of Shooter, a brand new TV thriller. Seeing Orton sitting next to show star Ryan Phillippe, with the latter talking about what a great guy he is; is a sure shot character killer.

Here’s hoping wrestlers take kayfabe more seriously! 

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