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Best and Worst of Smackdown - 20th December 2016

Perhaps the best episode of Smackdown Live since the brand split.

We were highly entertained through this episode of Smackdown Live

After a mediocre Roadblock and a disappointing Raw, Smackdown Live really stepped up their game this week! The segments were edgier, the storylines moved along and heck, even JBL was funny on commentary.

Live from the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan, we definitely have more positives to report this week than negatives. Across the duration of the two hours there was very little filler, and with some big developments for next week (including the return of the Face that Runs the Place), we’re sure things are only going to pick up.

Presenting the Best and the Worst of this week’s Smackdown.

#1 Best: Pushing the envelope of edginess

Natalya showed her vicious heel side today, and we sure like it!

Somehow, this week’s episode was highly reminiscent of the Attitude Era, one of the hottest periods in wrestling history. One of the problems with the current PG Era has been the fact that the insults don’t sound insulting enough. There’s only a certain number of times that you can call someone a ‘loser’ before it begins to sound lame.

This week on Smackdown, WWE really pushed the envelope in terms of promos.

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From the Miz’s quip to Renee Young, where he said, ‘I’m obsessed with Dean Ambrose? You’re the one that’s sleeping with him!’, to the Natalya-Carmella-Nikki Bella segment about Nikki’s silicone implants and Natalya’s eventual admission of – ‘Okay, I did it you bitch!’; many things in this episode took us by surprise.

Natalya transformation into a vicious heel brought out her ugly side, as she mocked Nikki Bella for being a ‘nothing’, telling her that Natalya’s cat has more charisma than she does; and because of this lack of personality, John Cena will never marry her!

If one were to nitpick, then Carmella should have been the obvious choice for the attack on Nikki Bella, and that’s disappointing in a way; but hey this is still cool!

Following on the heels of Enzo’s hotel room segment with Lana, it really seems like WWE is tired of playing it safe. Will this mean a more edgy product for us fans in the future? Only time will tell for sure!

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